Extended Insights
Extended Insights

Oct 6, 2005, 06:09

By: Kathy Nussberger

Independent Educational Consultant Lon Woodbury, MA, CEP, IECA, Founder/ President, Woodbury Reports, Inc., began blazing new trails into the state of Alaska in August 2005 to introduce the services and parent choice resources available to parents of struggling teens and their employers.

With this in mind, Lon, his wife Denise and Woodbury Reports Co-Editor Kathy Nussberger, headed for Anchorage, AK, to take advantage of a rare opportunity to describe the resources available to parents dealing with kids-in-crisis. After several months of back and forth communication and planning, Lon presented information on the struggling teens industry to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's "Make It A Monday Forum" at the Egan Convention Center on August 22, 2005.

A crowd of about 75-80 chamber members attended the presentation and many stayed after to ask questions and talk directly with Lon regarding the information he shared about the industry. Throughout the presentation, Lon held the crowd's attention as he explained that the reactions of many parents who are faced with seeking help for their out-of-control teen is "Not My Kid," meaning, "My kid isn't like those kids in the news."

The philosophy of Woodbury Reports and Lon himself is that "Parent Empowerment" is the key to providing parents with the best choices and resources to find the appropriate help for their out-of-control teen. "The parents are the experts on their own children," Lon explained. "We provide our client parents with the benefit of our experience and knowledge to help them see how various types of interventions might best help their teen, but the parent is usually best equipped to use the information." When Lon or one of the Woodbury Reports Affiliate Educational Consultants works with a parent, they gather information and offer suggested solutions, thus empowering the parents to make the final decision for their child.

Woodbury Reports, Inc. publishes the leading monthly trade newsletter in the private struggling teens industry, which in part is based on its longevity in the industry, and the availability of over 6,000 web pages filled with a wide variety of resources and information to help parents avoid many of the pitfalls and risks when considering a residential placement. As such, Woodbury Reports, Inc. is a valuable resource for Alaskan parents researching consultants and possible placement options, while also offering the added benefit of hiring a consultant who is able to closely monitor the teen's progress when placed in the lower 48.

For more information on the struggling teens industry, available resources and/ or to setup a consultation with one of the Woodbury Reports consultants visit the website, email, or call the office at 208-267-5550.

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