New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Sep 10, 2005, 19:09

Michael and Roxanne Losicco, Directors-in-Residence
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Founded by the Family Foundation School, Hancock, NY, 845-887-5213,, Betton House, "the first program of its kind in the Northeast," is a 12-Step based transitional program for up to 50 students, ages 18-24, emerging from a "highly structured rehab, boarding school or emotional growth program." Betton House has a minimum six-month commitment, but recommends twelve. The staff includes a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist and family counselor.

The program is located within a 30,000 square foot facility adjacent to Lakawanna College. The "custom designed" facility includes a kitchen, dining room, study rooms, laundry facilities, semi-private rooms for students, research/ media resources, administrative offices, the directors' living quarters and a state-of-the-art security system.

Three family counseling sessions are required: One at the initial seminar, one at mid-semester and one at semester end. Betton House accepts students recovering from drug/ alcohol abuse, ADD/ADHD, mood disorders, oppositional behaviors and depression. The program includes a life skills curriculum, regular 12-Step meetings, access to medical, dental and mental health professionals. The goal is to help students maintain their newly acquired skills after graduating from a residential placement.

Betton House is a year-round program that requires either college coursework and/ or employment of its summer residents. Students are provided with a "structured, safe, supportive, home-like atmosphere" where students can attain their goals of finishing high school, attending college or entering the job market. Staff members help students develop resumes, learn interviewing skills, how to handle on-the-job issues and cultivate a strong work ethic.

Editors Note: The information in this New Perspective was gathered from the Betton House website and brochure.

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