New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Aug 1, 2005, 12:31

Queen Creek, Arizona
Paul & Kathy Lithgow, Founders/ Directors

Alan Ranch is a one-year, non-profit Christian based program for boys ages 12-16. It is named after the owner's son Alan, who died eight years ago in a car accident. Alan Ranch offers a "Christ centered" environment for troubled boys in a "loving, and structured family atmosphere where fun, hard work and academics go hand-in-hand to help them re-enter society."

According to their information, the academic component includes a home school program for 7th & 8th grades and online schooling for high school students. Where appropriate, students will receive GED training in place of traditional school work. Students will also have a variety of vocational training opportunities such as agriculture, building construction, welding, machine work, auto mechanics, and horse care and ranch management offered by the teachers.

The staff includes: Paul and Kathy Lithgow, who manage the overall program, handle enrollment, teach, cook, etc.; a house pastor who lives with the boys and manages their schooling and spiritual development; the ranch foreman who manages all work related ranch and community activities for the boys; and ranch hands who live/ work with the boys and act as 'big brothers.'

The program believes that troubled teens not only need to be loved, but also held accountable for their actions. A major portion of the program includes learning to study and obey 'God's Word' which includes regular time reading, studying and discussing the Bible and then applying it by loving and serving God through a life of worship and serving people.

Enrollment is beginning now for the September 19, 2005 grand-opening.

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