New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 21, 2005, 16:30

Sandpoint, Idaho
Jim Glaeser, BS, Owner
Karen Glaeser, MS, LPC, Owner

Glaeser & Associates is an educational consulting firm that assists families in finding the appropriate placement for at-risk youth struggling with a wide variety of negative behaviors including; drug/alcohol use, self-harm ideation/behavior, defiant behavior, academic problems, learning challenges, self-esteem, ADHD, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

The company asserts that it offers parents a wide variety of services. They conduct an initial Assessment/interview with parents to determine the short and long-term placement needs for the child. Based on this information, they generate list of appropriate programs based on the child's abilities, interests, emotional and psychological needs, monitor the progress of the child in wilderness and/or boarding school setting for a period of six months from date of contract, and if needed, mediate between parents and program staff. In addition, the associates educate parents about what to expect from the program.

With a wide variety of programs available, the company believes that it can be "crucial to have professional assistance to help parents' decide what type of program will be most beneficial to their child because finding the right intervention can be a confusing and overwhelming endeavor."

According to the information, Jim recently became a provisional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). He has over 10 years of experience in the outdoor behavioral health field, which included counseling and a lead role in starting up two wilderness programs for adolescents on the east coast. Karen is a licensed professional counselor who previously worked with at-risk teens for over six years, family-teacher at a group home for troubled boys, and a field instructor and licensed clinician in wilderness therapy programs. She also worked as a substance abuse counselor at a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program.

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