New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 25, 2005, 12:48

Canon City, Colorado
Dottie Cowden, Admission's Director

Southern Peaks Regional Treatment Center is a residential treatment center located in Canon City, CO. The campus is a few miles from the Royal Gorge of Colorado, surrounded by mountains and wide vistas of this part of the country. They provide "gender specific treatment to adolescent boys and girls, in addition to sex offender treatment. All programs are in separate living units."

The treatment model is cognitive-behavioral therapy, focused on "consistency, structure and setting clear expectations." A level system is used to monitor the behavior and progress of each student. Emphasis is placed on immediate and appropriate consequences allowing the student to learn from their mistakes. They use a multidisciplinary model with teams assigned to small units of 16 youth per team, allowing for "a personal touch in the delivery of services." The program is designed to "teach and mold skills to enable youth to maintain positive relationships. Therapeutic interventions address building self-esteem, improving coping skills, establishing personal boundaries, accepting personal responsibilities and developing problem-solving skills."

The Southern Peaks student is "one who has serious impairments in functioning and requires 24-hour supervision. Many have had severe disturbances in their cognitive, academic and social skills, and many have been troubled by alcohol and drug abuse and poor impulse control."

The program has a "well developed aftercare program providing case management for 60 days following discharge." Aftercare services are coordinated with each family's therapist, school districts and other appropriate local services.

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