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Posted: Jun 12, 2007, 07:37

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Manti, Utah
Dana Dalton, Admissions Director

Utah Preparatory Academy is a licensed residential treatment facility for students struggling with depression, anxiety, anger and low-self concept. Their students also have withdrawn from their families, are acting out rebelliously, have chosen poor peer relationships, have lost interest in extracurricular sports and hobbies and have failing grades or different learning styles- ADD/HD.

After completing an initial academic assessment, students create an individualized plan called AIM (Academic Inspiration Map). The AIM highlights the student's historical stumbling blocks (learning styles, emotional disruptions, peer-related distractions) that the student has been encountering and helps develop a plan of action to regain skills.

Therapeutics at Utah Preparatory are administered by licensed clinicians, with weekly individual sessions and a variety of five or more groups that are also conducted each week. In addition, parents are asked to participate in the therapeutic process via telephone conferences and parent weekends.

Daily exercise combined with a balanced diet and a good night's rest set the foundation for Utah Prep Students to branch out and pursue other recreational interests. Utah Prep encourages students to pursue extracurricular activities including equestrian lessons, piano and guitar instruction, outdoor adventures, as well as participating in community recreation leagues.


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