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Posted: Mar 10, 2004 19:05

Eberle Establishes Private Practice

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By: Lon Woodbury

Loi Eberle MA, IECA, announced she would be starting her independent practice as an educational consultant working with struggling teens on March 1, 2004. She will maintain her ties with Woodbury Reports Inc. as an Associate, similar to the affiliations of Larry Stednitz and Linda Zimmerman.

Loi was hired by Woodbury Reports Inc. to edit the print edition of the newsletter Places for Struggling Teens six years ago, and soon started working with parents under my supervision. Since then, she has achieved an excellent reputation in her own right as a consultant with many satisfied parents. She is a full member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). She is as ready to go out on her own as any of the people I have worked with.

She has her Masters degree from the University of Minnesota in Education and Psychology, with significant work towards a PhD at Indiana University. She looks forward to continuing her contribution of helping parents of struggling teens find the right placement for their children.

Loi can still be reached at her same e-mail address, or through our office at 208-267-5550, or directly at 208-699-4937. Although this is a natural step for her, it is a big one and I'm sure she will appreciate hearing from the friends and acquaintances she has worked with throughout the country.

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