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Posted: Nov 13, 2006 22:16

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Ashby, Massachusetts

Ashby Academy Appoints New Admissions and Marketing Director

Dr. Alfred Allen, Head of School

November 11, 2006

Dr. Alfred Allen, Headmaster of Ashby Academy has announced the appointment of Vincent Schmidt, M.A. as Director of Admissions and Marketing. Formally from Cedars Academy and Academy at Swift River, Vince holds a degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University and a graduate degree in Leadership Guidance and Counseling from eastern Michigan University. "Vince brings experience and knowledge we need to round out or management team," said Dr. Allen. "Vince's successful admissions work in therapeutic educational environments made him the ideal 'point-of-contact' person for parents, educational consultants, and other referral sources.

Ashby Academy is a therapeutic junior boarding school serving students with emotional / behavioral issues as well as language-based learning disabilities and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Vince Schmidt can be reached at Ashby Academy, 250 Spring Hill Road, Ashby, Massachusetts, 01431. Phone: (877) 386-0055 x104. Fax: (978) 386.0030. Email

Contact: Dr. Alfred Allen, Ashby Academy, 250 Spring Hill Road, Ashby, Massachusetts, 01431. Phone: (877) 386-0055 x102. Fax: (978) 386.0030. Email

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