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Posted: Nov 7, 2006 19:09

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West Jordan, Utah

West Ridge Searches For New Clinical Director

Ken Allen
Executive Director

November 7, 2006

In a joint announcement today, Ken Allen, Executive Director and Ken Huey, PhD, Clinical Director, West Ridge Academy in West Jordan, UT, said that West Ridge is conducting a national search for a new Director of Clinical Services to replace Dr. Ken Huey who is leaving the program to start a new venture in Missouri. Interested parties are asked to submit resumes directly to Executive Director, Ken Allen.

Although Dr. Huey is beginning the new venture in Missouri, both he and West Ridge Academy are the primary financial backers of this new program. The Change Academy at Lake of the Ozarks is slated to open in the first quarter of 2007. To reach Dr. Huey call 801-830-8801.

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