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Posted: Oct 31, 2006 19:34

Phoenix Outdoor Launches Primary Care Wilderness-Based Substance Abuse & Addictions Program

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Asheville, North Carolina

Phoenix Outdoor Launches Primary Care Wilderness-Based
Substance Abuse & Addictions Program For Adolescents

Dan Kemp
Admissions Director

October 30, 2006

Phoenix Outdoor, a licensed wilderness therapy program located near Asheville, North Carolina, today announced the launch of its Substance Abuse and Addictions Program (SAAP), a specialized treatment focus for a portion of its students. The new program offers primary care substance abuse and addictions treatment for adolescents ages 13-17 within the broader Phoenix Outdoor wilderness program experience.

"Treatment-resistant adolescents are referred to Phoenix for a variety of issues such as depression, self-harm, and oppositionality; however, most of those individuals are also significantly abusing drugs and alcohol," said Carolyn Bradfield, founder and CEO of Phoenix Outdoor. "By offering a more specialized focus on substance abuse and addictions, we can help students recognize the extent of their chemical dependence and its impact on their lives, and create a climate where they will be much more receptive to treatment."

"Phoenix Outdoor has invested considerable time and resources to offer this new, comprehensive primary care adolescent substance abuse and addictions treatment. Our program includes detailed screening to determine the extent of an adolescent's substance use, an SAAP student curriculum for use during wilderness expeditions, psycho-educational classes, and specialized group and individual therapy. Students create a 'wellness recovery action plan' focused on relapse prevention and lifestyle changes that support recovery. The family is also very involved in treatment which is consistent with the philosophy of the Phoenix program."

Phoenix Outdoor has appointed Linda Harrison, current Director of its Family Program, as the Director of SAAP. She will oversee the design and execution of the program. Harrison is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina and is in final stages of receiving her national certification as a Masters Addictions Counselor and North Carolina Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. She has over 10 years experience in substance abuse and addictions treatment.

The substance abuse program at Phoenix Outdoor incorporates the 12-Step philosophy in all aspects of its design and the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the adolescent. "12-Step is the most widely used and successful treatment approach for both abuse and addiction," said Harrison. "Adolescents and their families can find support groups that incorporate 12-Step no matter where they live, so that it will be easy to maintain consistency as they seek subsequent treatment after graduating."

Phoenix Outdoor offers extensive counseling for parents, including support in the development of their child's after- care plan. "We work with families and their referring professionals to identify additional treatment or programs that are most appropriate for the child once he or she leaves Phoenix," Harrison added. "It is critical that our families recognize the importance of having a solid substance abuse treatment strategy in place."

Phoenix Outdoor's wilderness therapy program combines traditional individual and group therapy with outdoor experiential activities and a therapeutic curriculum. The wilderness setting provides an excellent treatment milieu for adolescents with substance abuse and addiction issues because it eliminates the possibility of exposure to any substances or outside influences during treatment.

About Phoenix Outdoor LLC:
Phoenix Outdoor LLC is a licensed therapeutic adolescent wilderness program that provides comprehensive crisis intervention and assessment for teenagers ages 13-17 and their families. With administrative offices in Atlanta, and its base camp and wilderness operation in the mountains of western North Carolina, Phoenix Outdoor is engineered to intervene in a crisis and be a safe means to help teenagers stop harmful behavior and motivate positive choices in their lives. Phoenix combines proven treatment strategies with a coordinated family support program.

Phoenix is an adventure-based therapeutic program designed to offer adolescents healthy physical exercise and challenge, along with supportive peer groups to optimize opportunities for success.

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