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Posted: Oct 30, 2006 14:09

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Taos, New Mexico

The San Cristobal Ranch Team

Dave Johnson, M.Ed.
Owner & Executive Director

October 27, 2006

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Now that the sale of the program has been complete for six months, I want to tell you about some exciting enhancements that have been made at the San Cristobal Ranch Academy. This will help us provide even better service for you and the families that you refer to us.

Our current Ranch Academy leadership team includes:

  • Dave Johnson, M.Ed., Owner & Executive Director. Dave brings over twelve years teaching and administration experience along with over four years Fortune 100 business experience to the San Cristobal Ranch Academy. Positions during that time have included Chief Operating Officer, Director of Admissions and Marketing, Director of Education, and Director of Admissions. In recovery himself since 1996, Dave brings real world experience to the residents of San Cristobal Ranch Academy. Dave holds a Bachelors Degree in History and Education from Elmhurst College and a Masters Degree in Education Administration from Northern Arizona University.

  • Christy Leach, Director of Admissions. Christy Leach (formerly Slate) joined the SCRA team in July 2005. Christy has extensive experience assisting families and Educational Consultants, having served in a variety of customer relations roles. Christy began her career at Cascade School in 1994 as a counselor. Moving on to Rocky Mountain Academy, Christy began working directly with parents and referring professionals as a Resource Coordinator. She then became Admissions Director at Northwest Academy where she coordinated all admissions and tours of the program. Christy coordinates admissions from her home office in Boise, Idaho.

  • Marcellus "Marcus" Tetter, B.S., M.S.W., Operations Director. Marcus has been in the field of counseling and behavior modification for over 14 years. He has been part of the team at San Cristobal Ranch Academy for a year and a half and provides excellent leadership of our staff and residents.

  • Donald Lewis, M.A., M.S., Clinical Director. Graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Don has a B.S. in Military Engineering, a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and a M.S. in International relations. As program director for House of Hope recovery program in Baja California, Mexico, Don established a strong reputation as a specialist in the recovery field. As program director of Hassayampa River Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona, Don managed an intensive, 3-month substance abuse treatment program.

  • Dr. Denny Van Horn, Educational Director, PhD., has over 30 years teaching experience from the biological sciences to special education. He has taught at Taos High School, State University of NY, the University of British Columbia, Canada and Western Washington College.

  • Bryan Stuppy, L.I.S.W., L.A.D.A.C., M.S.W., Director of Recovery Services. Bryan has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and is a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselor. He comes to us with 16 years experience working with individuals recovering from addictions. He is an Addiction Specialist with a clinical focus on the biopsychosocial aspects of addiction and relapse prevention

  • Dr. Roland Jacobs, M.D., Psychiatrist. Dr. Jacobs has been the Medical Director at five different hospitals, as well as a faculty member at UCLA. He has been affiliated with San Cristobal Ranch Academy for over a year and is a critical member of the treatment team.

  • Dr. Elin Ritchie, M.D., Medical Director. She has an extensive background in Psychiatry, Counseling, Family Systems Therapy, Behavior Modification and Life Skills Training.

  • Residential Staff. Our 14 person residential staff has a combined Six Masters Degrees, over 40 years of personal recovery, and 22 years industry experience.

We appreciate your referrals, and look forward to our continued work together. Please know we remain committed to providing you the best quality service which will yield long-term, positive change for young men and their families you entrust to our care.
Our organizational transition has been smooth, and certainly will be of significant benefit in the way treatment is provided. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me by email at or phone number 505-776-2524.


Dave Johnson, M.Ed., Owner & Executive Director
San Cristobal Ranch Academy

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