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Posted: Oct 19, 2006 16:08

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STAR OF LIFE ™ C.S. Landre Foundation, Inc.
Fresno, California

Dark Blue Awareness Pins

Lance Landre
President/ CEO
Star of Life™/ C. S. Landre Foundation

October 19, 2006

All of us have supported great causes over the years like AIDS and Breast Cancer Research. We have all seen the ribbon lapel pins. Our area needed a recognizable lapel pin that helps identify our worldly cause!

We have listed the Dark Blue Awareness Pin for "At-Risk children as well as ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder Awareness" with the pin manufacturing company. It is also listed for child abuse and educational support.

With that said we have ordered a large quantity for sale to everyone that wants to show their support for at-risk children/teens or ADD, ADHD & Bi-polar disorder awareness around the world. Awareness campaigns are important if we are going to provide long-term assistance, diagnosis and treatment. All of us need to show our support of our work and our passion to assist such children. This is a beginning of our solidarity to a mutual cause!

The pins are $5 each (contribution). If you wish to order 250 or more we will provide them at $3 each. (Note: With 250 ordered, we can add your name to the card for a $50 set up charge.)

Here is a breakdown of how the profits will be used: 40% awareness/promotion, 40% research/ education/ development, 20% family assistance services of the foundation.

Each pin is attached to an awareness card giving brief explanation of the pin's meaning.

This is a great Christmas gift to send to your friends and loved-ones.


Lance Landre
President/ CEO
Star of Life™/ C. S. Landre Foundation

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