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Posted: Oct 11, 2006 16:19

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Boulder, Colorado

Confident Living Inc. Announces Name Change to VIVE!

Susan Holden Walsh
HoldenMcClure PR 3

October 11, 2006

Confident Living, Inc. is proud to announce that as of today, the company will now be known as Vive! (rhymes with thrive). Nationally recognized as one of the most effective and oldest transition programs in the United States, Vive!, is a unique, action-oriented program for at-risk teens and troubled young people returning from residential treatment programs. The company's team of healing professionals works with troubled families in their home environment to successfully transition the young people back into their real world. In addition, it helps families manage life's crisis situations and transitions by offering 24/7 support that promotes sustainable, positive outcomes.

Vive! CEO Terry Tierney commented on why the name Vive! was chosen: "As we expand into new markets to support families in need, we want to have a brand that better reflects our philosophy, attitude and success. Vive! comes from an ancient Greek word for robust living. It is the root word of many other words we use to describe fundamental, but often elusive, attributes families seek - to thrive, survive, revive, be more alive. Unlike our original name, it is a word that is a unique brand, has greater traction with teens and connotes the end benefit we seek to provide families by resonating with an energy that is positive and uplifting. We encourage our families to "Vive On!"

In addition to the new name, Vive! is introducing a new logo and website, along with a targeted advertising campaign to support the change. On the new website, families and prospects can learn more about issues that face teens and families today, participate in an online assessment to determine if Vive's services are right for their situations, and find details of the program and expected outcomes.

About Vive!
Vive! is a therapeutic, action-oriented program that works with troubled youth and at-risk teens and their families in the home environment. The program has been particularly effective in continuing the progress gained in residential treatment programs for the transition home. The program's success has brought families from across the United States to Vive! The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with a Northern California office in Menlo Park and a Southern California office to open November 1st in Beverly Hills. Vive plans to expand to six additional markets in 2007. For more information, contact Vive at or 800-261-0127 or HoldenMcClurePR at 303-449-2526.

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