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Posted: Aug 21, 2006, 07:21

New Perspectives


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Missoula, Montana
Michael Hudson, Program Director

The InnerRoads Wilderness Program opened by Youth Homes, Inc. in 2001 offers three wilderness options for teens from 13 to 17. Youth Homes, a member of NATSAP, offers families a sliding fee scale.

Expedition Plus, a six week program for teens showing signs of depression, school failure, substance abuse and/or deteriorating family relationships, helps struggling teens change direction, build self-worth and return home with support to enable them to become engaged in their family, school and their community. Four weeks of backpacking are followed by two weeks of community service. The last session for 2006 will start in September and sessions will resume in March of 2007.

The Adventure-Based Challenge Program and the Short-Term Wilderness Intensive programs are designed for teens looking to improve their self-esteem and to improve communication at home. Family members are encouraged to participate.

Full-time wilderness staff are licensed and credentialed at a Masters level. Seasonal staff have all had experience in wilderness programs and many return each year.
Youth Homes also provides therapeutic group homes, shelter care, foster care and adoption services. They partner with Intermountain Children's Home in Helena, MT to provide programming for children dealing with attachment disorders.

Note: The information used in this New Perspective came from the Youth Homes, Inc. website and direct contact with program director Michael Hudson.


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