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Posted: Mar 14, 2006 10:56


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Five Steps To Bringing Your Best To The Next Moment
By: Anne Barry Jolles, MBA, CPCC
Jolles Publishing, September 2005
Hanover, MA
ISBN# 0-9765741-1-X

Book Review By: Kathy Nussberger

In the book G.R.A.C.E., For Parents Of Teens (GRACE), the author, Anne Barry Jolles, points out that attitude is a choice; our beliefs fuel and drive our actions and those actions create our future. Jolles teaches parents how to move through the five steps of GRACE to reach a better understanding of their teen. She explains the full benefit of the process can only be obtained by answering one or more of the questions under each section.

Throughout the book each section begins with an outline that is specific to creating a belief structure and guiding the reader through the questions and exercises in that step. The questions are designed to make the reader look within themselves and recognize what they need, feel and believe about their interpersonal relationships with their family.

In the first step, Jolles explains that operating from a perspective of gratitude can increase your overall satisfaction for life. She points out that acknowledging what you appreciate at this moment will help you stay in the present and focus on the positive aspects of your life. In the third section, parents learn to move forward into a new belief structure that helps them tap into the compassion and courage to stop fighting for control. The final step teaches parents how to let go of their fears and allow their teen to grow-up and stand on their own.

Throughout the book, Jolles combines humor and poetry with questions that not only require thought but some in-depth soul searching. From beginning to end, she illustrates a powerful, yet simple solution to changing and improving all relationships.

About the Author:
Anne Barry Jolles is the co-founder of Coaching Connections, which is a personal/ professional coaching practice in Hanover, MA. She presents seminars, workshops, retreats and family coaching.

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