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Posted: Oct 26, 2005 12:46


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Practical Help For Desperate Parents
By: Robert T. Bayard and Jean Bayard
Publisher: Evans and Company, New York, NY
Date of Publication: 1983
ISBN: 0871314797

Book Review By: Anita Biase

Is your teenager going off the deep-end? Are you at the end of your rope when trying to deal with your child? If so, How to Deal with your Acting- up Teenager is the book for you.

According to the authors, teens desperately want freedom, while at the same time they are desperately afraid of it, which is the root cause of many parent-teen conflicts. The book includes scenarios that typically confront teenagers and suggests effective ways for parents to respond to these situations.

The first part of the book offers six "reassuring truths" about teenagers and shows parents how to outline short and long term objectives to create change in their teen's behavior. The authors discuss the teen's wish for, and fear of, freedom, as well as how to say no and be sure your teen understands the message. The second half of the book illustrates how to encourage your child to take responsibility for his life, how to stand up for your rights, and looking ahead to the future.

There are many parenting books available but this book offers a different perspective from the other books on this subject because the authors, Robert T. Bayard and Jean Bayard, are also the parents of five children. As both parents and doctors, they have personally experienced and been on the front lines of many of the situations described in the book.

This is not only a useful guide for the professional who is working with teenagers, but also empowers parents with the common sense and scientific knowledge they need to be effective in their role. I recommend this book to anyone who works with teens, parents, therapists and counselors.

About the Authors: Drs. Robert and Jean Bayard are both psychotherapists specializing in family counseling.

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