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Posted: Sep 10, 2005, 19:47

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Tucson, Arizona, 85712
Gale Earl, Founder
520- 299 4778, 1-888-V3-TUCSON,

V3 Tucson is a residential program that accepts a maximum of 19 residents, ages 18-25, and requires a nine month commitment. Each of the four "Casitas" or dwellings has two bedrooms, a private kitchen, living area and bathroom. The program requests residents have a physical examination prior to admission because V3 TUCSON is not a medical facility. Students taking medications are responsible for self-dispensing under staff supervision.

V3 focuses on three main disciplines--focus, recovery and purpose--which include an "arduous curriculum." These goals are fundamental to establishing a firm foundation to begin leading a productive, effective and contented sobriety. Within these disciplines there are three stages: Orientation, leadership and action. Each stage is designed to provide the resident with the "necessary skills and building blocks needed to achieve a successful recovery program."

In the orientation stage, students learn the principals of a work ethic, communication skills, responsibility, integrity, as well as explore their possibilities and opportunities for the future. They also participate in the 12-step program and therapy. The leadership phase allows students the opportunity to receive the designation of senior status for on-site roles and responsibilities that may include work crew supervisor, staff training (SIT), tutor, motivator, or a co-sponsor for other students. The final or action stage is where the student creates an exit plan and begins implementing through practical application, effective money and time management strategies, setting personal goals and accountability to help them move into college or employment.

Editors Note: The information used in this New Perspective was gathered from the V3 website and brochure.


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