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Posted: Jun 24, 2005, 15:01

New Perspectives

Self Propelled Adventures


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Redmond, Oregon
Bill Valentine, PsyD, CC
Ever Higher Website

Ever Higher announces a new component to its existing coaching program, Self Propelled Adventures. The new program will utilize the outdoors as both a playground and workshop arena for “facilitating small groups on a journey of inward and outward discovery.” According to the website, “The program is based on the philosophy that because of the cultural needs for materialism, grateful acceptance is replaced with greedy accumulation, which creates a tendency to isolate from the “real worlds” of nature and our true selves, thus, doing becomes more important than being.”

The website continues that every adventure will combine self-propelled movement in a unique wilderness setting with time out for self-propelled exploration of one’s place and purpose in the 'real world'. In venues from the Florida Glades to Colorado's Rocky Mountains to the Mojave Desert, participants will experience the total engagement of mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of personal renewal.

The website further explains participants begin each day with stretching exercises and breakfast, with everyone involved in camp chores and meal preparations. The group's 'First Light' discussion focuses on the day's challenges and themes. All activities will immerse the participants in the natural surroundings found on the trek to the next campsite. Each evening, the group participates in a 'Last Light' where individuals present their thoughts and feelings of the day. Participants will also experience a 24-hour solo with food, shelter and a “spectacular” location provided for them, to read, write or simply observe the rhythms and movements of the 'natural environment.’

According to the information, each guide/facilitator is knowledgeable in the outdoors, safety awareness, a commitment to personal growth and an ability to nurture warm interpersonal relationships. The current Self Propelled Adventures schedule begins with a five day trip on August 27, 2005 to Steamboat Springs, CO. The Ever Higher, LLC website lists other adventure dates while encouraging self-designed trips facilitated by SPA guides.


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