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Posted: Jun 2, 2005, 12:15

New Perspectives


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Galveston, Texas
Anthony Geraci Jr. - President

"Transitions of Galveston Island (TGI) is a four- to six-month learning center for young men 18 and over who need focused, short-term aftercare to help them become successful adults. The program opened May 1, 2005, using a similar model to San Cristobal and Fulshear Ranch Academies, to assist in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

"The program is divided into several components; each component is designed to provide every student with a well-rounded daily schedule. The main components focus on life skills, academic and vocational education, emotional/ personal growth and career training. The Core Curriculum includes subjects such as anger management, goal setting, exercise, nutrition, life coaching and recovery.

"Students complete two Phases, with an optional third phase if needed. In Phase One, students are responsible for daily participation in Level One life skills training, attend classes on-site and prepare to enroll in one of the nearby universities, as they participate in the TGI Core Curriculum. Phase Two students are responsible for daily participation in Level Two life skills training, obtain a part-time job, attend vocational classes as well as on-site classes and classes at a university, and participate in the TGI Core Curriculum. Students in this phase receive more freedom and more responsibility. All students in Phases One and Two live in a 16-unit apartment with two staff members, located a block and a half from the beach.

"An optional phase that can be extended on an as-needed basis is Phase Three. In Phase Three, students live, work and study independently in Galveston. They do not have a structured schedule and are encouraged to take complete responsibility for themselves, but are visited frequently by their mentors and life coaches to ensure they maintain progress.

"As part of the effort to assist in a smooth transition, TGI provides weekly updates, phone conferences and monthly progress reports to the family. When needed, TGI facilitates a family weekend to work through specific issues.

"The TGI community can also help young men transition from residential treatment centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools to stable independence."


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