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Posted: Jul 30, 2004, 09:44

New Perspectives


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Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Jacque L. Robinson, Executive Director

The Temporary Living Center (T.L.C.) is a private, non-profit residential treatment center for adolescent females, ages 13 to 18. T.L.C. provides a “safe and loving, home-like environment” to help them recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

At the Temporary Living Center, residents must demonstrate a willingness to follow the program and its guidelines and must have a prior treatment experience for chemical dependency. T.L.C. accepts referrals from parent choice programs, both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, county juvenile probation officers, school guidance counselors, social workers, detoxification facilities and other structured living situations. Most girls complete the program in three-months’ however the length of stay is based on the individual needs of each girl.

Based on the 12-Step recovery model of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, the teens receive counseling for chemical dependency, sexual abuse, emotional management, eating disorders and self image/body issues. There is also counseling for the family and referrals for a psychiatric and/or psychological evaluation if necessary. This is a three phase program based on a system of personal goals identified in the individual treatment plan. Phase one lasts two to three weeks, phase two is approximately three weeks, and the request to advance to phase three must be submitted about four weeks prior to discharge. The staff at T.L.C. provides transportation to four community based 12-Step meetings each week, and each of the girls is required to get an AA/NA sponsor within the first 30-days.

The girls participate in a variety of AA/NA sponsored camp outs, meetings, dances, conventions, etc., as well as sober community based schooling or alternative programs for adolescents in recovery. T.L.C. also provides life skills education and ongoing aftercare when the teens leave the halfway house and return to their home environment.

The chemical dependency counselors at T.L.C. meet the credentialing requirements of the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services, and T.L.C. works with the Minnesota State Division of TAPS (Treatment Accountability Program Services).


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