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Posted: Sep 6, 2007 15:58


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Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS)
Submitted by Jeff Johnson, Executive Director
Bend, Oregon

A Mediation and Transport Agency is any person or organization which contracts directly with parents, guardians, government agencies, programs or educational institutions for the transportation of minors or young adults. A Mediation and Transport Agent is a specially trained professional who works under the auspices of a Mediation and Transport Agency. Individual Agents are expected to abide by the same standards as those set for agencies.

  • The primary concern of a Mediation and Transport Agency is the welfare of children and young adults. At no time will an Agency allow a client to commit an unsafe or illegal act while in their care.

  • A client's first encounter with a Transport Agent is often their first step towards making positive changes in their life. Transport Agencies are committed to creating environments that encourage adolescents and young adults to move forward on their journey toward responsible choices and healthy behavior.

  • A Transport Agency maintains strict confidentiality on all records pertaining to the clients whom they have transported. This includes the identity and personal information of their clients and potential clients as well as conversations with other professionals involved with the care of the child.

  • A Transport Agency works to remain current on the applicable laws in every country and region where they operate.

  • A Transport Agency hires Agents with the utmost care and only after thorough background screening.

  • A Transport Agency only uses Agents who are properly trained and supervised to ensure fulfillment of their specific roles in the transportation of a client.

  • A Transport Agency works with all parties interested in the welfare of a client to get a comprehensive picture of that person's needs - and then selects Agents with appropriate skills to meet those needs.

  • A Transport Agency only uses physical restraint as a temporary, last resort and only in those instances where the client's actions represent an immediate threat to their safety.

  • A Transport Agency utilizes a written contract to clearly document for the involved parties the services proposed and all foreseeable fees and expenses.

  • A Transport Agency recognizes its specific role in the care of its clients and does not attempt to circumvent or undermine the work of other professionals involved in the client's care.

  • A Transport Agency shall avoid the appearance of impropriety, including, but not limited to engaging in inappropriate dual relationships, and the solicitation or acceptance of "referral fees" or other forms of compensation which are not related to the professional services provided.

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