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Posted: Jan 12, 2012 05:33

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StarShine Academy
Chicago, IL

StarShine Academy And
Brainware Safari Partner
For Student Growth

Betsy Hill

January 5, 2012

Learning Enhancement Corporation (LEC) and StarShine Academy Schools, with home offices in Phoenix, Arizona announced that LEC's BrainWare Safari cognitive skills development program will be implemented as a core element in StarShine's visionary curriculum.

BrainWare Safari incorporates neuroscience and video-game technology into a software program that develops the capacity to learn and think for users aged 6 to 106. In published research, users improved their cognitive ability by an average of over 4 years in 12 weeks of using the program. BrainWare Safari develops 41 cognitive skills in a comprehensive, integrated, and highly engaging way. The areas of skill development are grouped into: Attention, Memory, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, Thinking, and Sensory Integration.

"StarShine Academy is guided by our commitment to ensuring that every child in our schools has access to the best resources and technology available," said Trish McCarty, CEO and Founder of StarShine. "BrainWare Safari has been shown to be the best in class for developing students' cognitive skills, helping them become stronger thinkers, more effective learners, and better problem-solvers. BrainWare Safari will play an integral role in delivering on our promise to ignite and enable our students' aspirations."

"We are excited about our partnership with StarShine Academy because the teachers and staff are so deeply committed to creating the best learning opportunity for each student," said Betsy Hill, President and Chief Operating Officer of LEC. "We know that students come to the classroom with unique strengths and weaknesses. BrainWare Safari will help StarShine students develop their cognitive capacity so they can benefit from all the wonderful learning opportunities StarShine affords them."

BrainWare Safari was recently named one of the Top 100 Products of 2011 by District Administration Magazine and has earned an impressive array of awards, including the Software and Information Industry CODiE Award as Best Education Game or Simulation; a Parents' Choice Award, a Teachers' Choice for the Family Award; a Mom's Choice Award; a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval.

Learning Enhancement Corporation has developed a software platform for learning that combines the latest neuroscience with motivating video-game technology. Its flagship product, BrainWare Safari, develops 41 cognitive skills in a motivating video-game format. Learning Enhancement Corporation won the EdNET Rookie of the Year Award in 2006, honoring the most promising venture with the greatest potential to be a significant player in the education industry in the coming years. For further information, visit or call 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610).

StarShine Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that creates transformational community schools by igniting and enabling the aspirations of children. Each student at a StarShine school benefits from a holistic approach individualized to his or her unique talents and aspirations. The diverse curriculum utilizes technology and hands-on learning to promote a global perspective, financial and economic literacy and cognitive growth. StarShine Academy schools are accredited nationally and internationally by AdvancED, the North Central Association (NCA), and the Commission for International Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). For further information, visit or call (602) 957-9557.

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