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Posted: Mar 13, 2012, 06:42

New Perspectives


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Bethlehem, NH
Shay Butts, Director of Admissions and Marketing

This new therapeutic transitional program is for young women, ages 17-24 who struggle with mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, negative body image, relationship difficulties, and school failure. Other issues treated include low self esteem, immaturity and the lack of involvement in age appropriate activities.

Recently opened in 2011, Sovereign Journey's Executive Director is Dr. Karen Fitzhugh, who for the past years served as a Vice President for Aspen Education Group and beforehand, was the Head of School at King George School. Alongside Dr. Fitzhugh, Shay Butts serves as the Director of Marketing and Admissions. Shay was the former Director of Admissions at Fulshear Ranch Academy prior to joining Sovereign Journey. Director of Academics is Randy McLeod

Sovereign incorporates the 'Five Keys for Success' into three phases of their program designed to establish a student's independence. These keys represent emotional and spiritual wellness and each client receives 90 minutes of individual therapy and 5 group therapies each week; educational and career training, volunteering and apprenticeships allowing each client to develop a strong work ethic and personal responsibility, visual, performing and culinary arts and physical health and wellness. Upon completion of the program, these young women will leave with useable life skills which will include developing a personal leadership style, learning to build community connections and fundamental skills for entering the academic world and workforce.

[This information came from the Sovereign Journey website and brochure.]


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