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Posted: Jun 27, 2011, 08:41

New Perspectives


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Robert Pfeifer, MSW
Managing Partner and Founder

Sober College works with young adults ages 17-26 in need of a supportive, sober environment supplemented by substance abuse treatment. Their curriculum builds competencies in five areas of achievement: Sobriety, Life Skills, Career Development and/or Education, Emotional Well-Being and Fitness. Students must commit to a minimum of a 3-month stay but it would be best to have a 12-month commitment.

Sober College was founded in the fall of 2005 by Robert Pfeifer, as "an emotional growth college." Whether students need to finish high school, complete a GED, start or resume college work, all start with courses in the learning center. Sober College has began a partnership with Woodbury University that allows students receiving treatment for drug addiction to also get their lives back on track in the classroom. Woodbury University, founded in 1884, is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Southern California. It is located in Burbank, California, and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Sober College teaches five Woodbury College courses on campus. The specially designed Woodbury courses tailored for Sober College clients, combine recovery with entry-level classes such as public speaking, creative writing, health and wellness, sociology, and psychology. The Woodbury courses are offered at Sober College by trained faculty in modular format that allows students to start courses when needed and sit for a final once all of the sections are completed. The course content is both engaging and relevant to the students. The courses' unique learning model provides a learning environment specific to the students educational and personal needs: The Woodbury courses offered help the students become reinvigorated with the motivation for success, and become familiar with what a true college experience is like.

Upon completion of the five courses, Sober College students can earn a Certificate in General Studies from Woodbury University. The Certificate of General Studies provides students with a semester's worth of college credits from Woodbury University to take with them when applying to colleges and universities. With in class instruction, online assignment submission, outlined course syllabi with due dates, and quiz and test dates, students are able to experience and/or prepare for a collegiate setting outside of Sober College. All classes are transferable and will show on the transcript from Woodbury College.

[This information came from Sober College website]


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