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Posted: May 8, 2009 11:18

MAY 2009

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Kent Sherman New Managing Partner at Gatehouse Academy
(February 24, 2009) CEO and Vice President of Marketing, Kent Sherman, is the new Managing Partner at Gatehouse Academy, Wickenburg, AZ. Kent became Gatehouse Academy's Vice President of Marketing in 2000 and shortly thereafter was promoted to CEO. For more information on Gatehouse Academy, contact Michael Baldassare, Director of Marketing, at 928-231-5004.

Bend Bulletin Reports OR DHS Investigating Mt. Bachelor Academy
(March 5, 2009) The Bend Bulletin (access to the article is by payment) in Bend, OR, reports that the OR Department of Human Services is investigating accusations of abuse at Mount Bachelor Academy, a private residential school in Prineville. No additional details were available, but the article speculates on past accusations that were dismissed and a statement of support by numerous parents.

Family Foundation Launches New Website
(March 19, 2009) The Family Foundation School, Hancock, NY, has launched a website devoted to the Family Foundation Middle School which serves adolescents ages 12-14 who are struggling with the emotional and physical transition from child to teen. The new website provides information specific to the FFS Middle School program, which covers grades 6, 7 and 8, and profiles the troubled young teens it serves. For more information, contact Ann Kozak at 845-887-5213 ext 452.

Posner's Consulting Firm Announces Testing Services
(March 22, 2009) Dr. George Posner, CEP, Educational Consulting Services, Ithaca, NY, 607-273-5400, announced the eastern offices of Educational Consulting Services, in partnership with Psychological Solutions, will now offer psychological, neuropsychological and educational testing services. These services are provided by Jennifer Wisdom, PhD, MPH, a licensed clinical psychologist and health services researcher, currently Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry) at Columbia University Medical Center and Research Scientist at NY State Psychiatric Institute. For additional information contact George Posner.

Teens Have Fun Controlling Weight At Wellspring Texas
(March 24, 2009) Wellspring Texas, one of 11 camps, 2 boarding schools and several weight loss retreats in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, is a weight loss program for adolescents ages 11-18 that teaches teens how to lose weight with daily exercise, food education and support, with fun in doing so as one of the main goals.

ADHD Summer Camp at the Leelanau School
(March 24, 2009) The Leelanau School, Glen Arbor, MI, is offering The Ned Hallowell ADHD Summer Enrichment Camp this summer, with two sessions, (an introductory) July 12-17 and (advanced) July 19-24, 2009. This is open to students entering grades 5 thru 12 and adults of all ages. For more information, contact the Leelanau School at 231-334-5800.

SOAR Announces Upcoming Sessions
(March 24, 2009) SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized), Balsam, NC, has announced its Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 semester length educational adventures. These include: Fall Semester in the Appalachians, September 8 to December 5; Fall Semester in the Rockies and Yellowstone, September 9 to December 6; Spring Southeast Coastal and Latin America Semester, January 8 to May 8 and Spring California Coastal and Desert Southwest Semester, January 9 to May 9, 2010. For additional information on all the semesters, contact Richard Lance, MA, MS, and Admissions Director at 828-456-3435.

Camp Huntington Featured On Satellite Radio
(March 24, 2009) Camp Huntington's Executive Director Daniel Falk, Dr. Bruria Bodek-Falik, Executive Director Emeritus and Cathy Crowley, Program Consultant were featured on Doctor Radio's "About our Kids" show on SIRIUS satellite radio channel 114 and XM channel 119, in which they discussed the Camp Huntington program in detail. To learn more about Camp Huntington, a co-ed residential program for children and young adults with special learning and developmental needs, contact Daniel Falk at 866-514-5281.

Jessi Irvin Joins the Aspiro Group of Programs
(March 24, 2009) Brian Church, Vice President, Aspiro Group, 801-979-6301, announced Jessi Irvin has been hired as a therapist for Aspiro's Wilderness Adventure Therapy (WAT) model. Prior to working at Aspiro, Jessi worked at Three Rivers for the past three years.

Aspiro's Summer Program: Momentum
(March 25, 2009) Brian Church, Vice President of Business Development, Aspiro, Mount Pleasant, UT, announced Aspiro's summer program: Momentum by Aspiro, will begin July 14, 2009. This multi-element, 28 day adventure course program is for boys and girls ages 13-17. The course includes Canyoneering, technical Canyoneering, rock climbing, kayaking or rafting, mountaineering, mountain biking and more. For more information, contact Josh Watson at 888-266-5136.

New Haven Students Represented in UT High School Art Show
(March 25, 2009) Two New Haven students were accepted into the UT All-State High School Art Show on display at the Springville Museum of Art. The show selected artwork from 856 competing entries from 85 different schools. For additional information, contact Ari Terry, Admissions, Spanish Fork, UT, 801-794-1218.

Laurie Laird Retained as University of Phoenix Faculty
(March 25, 2009) New Haven's Education Director, Laurie Laird, MEd, is now on the faculty of the University of Phoenix Taylorsville, UT, campus, instructing evening students seeking certification in Special Education courses. Laurie's areas of instruction are Characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Orientation to the Exceptional Child, and Characteristics of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. For more information contact Ari Terry, Admissions at 801-794-1218.

Aspen Education Group Returns to its Roots
(March 26, 2009) In what Aspen Education Group, Cerritos, CA, is referring to as "returning to its roots" they have consolidated some of their outdoor behavioral health programs which will affect the administration level only and help streamline administrative costs. For more information, contact Patty Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at 760-859-6261.

Gestalt Equine Institute Announces Training
(March 27, 2009) Joan Rieger, MA, LPC, of The Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies (GEIR), Lafayette, CO, 303-548-6901, announced the next training for GEIR is May 13-16, 2009. GEIR combines passion for horses and Gestalt therapy in a Gestalt based equine assisted psychotherapy training program. This training is for mental health therapists or other allied professionals in the human development field. For more information, contact Joan Rieger

Parent Letter on Boulder Creek Academy
(March 29, 2009) Woodbury Reports, Inc. has received a letter from a parent whose child is currently enrolled at Boulder Creek Academy, Bonners Ferry, ID, and will graduate in May 2009. To view this letter in its entirety, visit the Struggling Teen's website.

Nina Flood Joins the Goldberg Center to Lead Education Financing
(March 30, 2009) Adam R. Goldberg, MEd, Braintree, MA, 781-848-8800, announced The Goldberg Center for Educational Planning has hired Nina Flood, MBA, to lead its Education Financing division. Nina has more than 25 years in education financing. She previously worked in the financial aid offices at Brandeis University and Boston University.

Blueprint Education Celebrates 40 Years
(March 31, 2009) Blueprint Education, Glendale, AZ, is celebrating 40 years of student success as a nonprofit educational organization that has served thousands of school aged youth and adults through nontraditional programs including alternative education, charter schools and private distance learning services. For additional information, contact Marmy Kodras, Marketing Director, at 800-426-4952 ext 4840.

Agape Boarding School Program Information
(April 1, 2009) Agape Boarding School in Stockton, MO, a Christian based character building school for young men, explains the purpose and goals of its programming which includes rebuilding relationships within their families, increasing academic skills through their college preparatory courses and encouraging and nurturing individual respect, self discipline, leadership and creativity. For additional information, contact Scott Smith, Marketing Coordinator, at 417-276-7215.

Island View Academics Extends to the Outdoors
(April 1, 2009) Island View RTC, Syracuse, UT, is expanding its educational experience for students, with a successful spring 2009 Outdoor Classroom camping trip to Zion National Park for the girls, an approach they started using in 2007. They are looking forward to the outdoor classroom trip for the boys which is scheduled for April 25-28. For more information, contact Chad Sanders at 866-952-7930.

Wediko Updates New Hampshire Campus
(April 2, 2009) Wediko's New Hampshire campus has seen quite a few improvements, including a new dorm building, several summer cabins, new tennis courts and renovations to the dining room. In addition, Wediko's family therapy is available for those families who live further away, with Wediko therapists traveling across the US to work with these families and meeting with referring professionals. For more information, contact Patrick Ryan at 603-478-5236.

Red Hill Academy Closes
(April 3, 2009) Brad Freed, Executive Director, Red Hill Academy, San Anselmo, CA, has announced Red Hill Academy, a day and boarding school for high school students with learning differences and social, emotional and behavioral difficulties will close, effective June 15, 2009, due to low enrollment. For additional information contact Brad at 415-256-9312 ext 131

Tom Croke's Questionnaire in Beta Test Phase
(April 3, 2009) Tom Croke, Educational Consultant from FamilyLight, Greensburg, PA, has announced they have moved their online questionnaire for schools and programs that wish to participate into Beta Test phase. The questionnaire will complement the resources of Lon Woodbury's Struggling Teens. To view these website locations, visit the struggling teen's website or contact Tom Croke at 212-537-6386.

Paint Rock Valley Shares Parent Ceremony Experiences
(April 3, 2009) Kathy DeMellier, Director of Admissions at Paint Rock Valley, Trenton, AL, 256-776-2503, shared a distinct aspect of their program which allows family members the opportunity to work through a similar stage system that their son or daughter works through while enrolled in their program. For additional information, contact Paint Rock Valley.

Paul Ravenscraft Joins Copper Canyon as Admissions Director
(April 3, 2009) Kristen Hayes, Communications Director for Aspen Education Group, 949-589-1765, announced Paul Ravenscraft has joined Copper Canyon Academy, a program of Aspen Education Group, as Admissions Director. Paul has been with Aspen for 10 years as the Arizona Territory Liaison for Aspen's Business Development Department, at Aspen's Academy at Swift River and as interim Admissions Director for Bromley Brook School's opening.

Lisa Stark Joins In Balance Ranch as Parent Liaison
(April 3, 2009) Betsy Barrasso, Admissions Director and Owner of In Balance Ranch Academy, Tucson, AZ, 520-722-9631, announced Lisa Stark has taken the position of Parent Liaison at In Balance Ranch. Lisa and her family came to know and love the program when their oldest son was enrolled in 2006.

Dr. Karen Nelson Joins Coral Reef as New Clinical Director
(April 3, 2009) Rodney Rice, Coral Reef Academy, Las Vegas, NV, 702-233-0444, announced Dr. Karen Nelson will be stepping in as the new Clinical Director at Coral Reef Academy in Samoa when Lu Vaughn departs. Karen graduated with a BA degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, in 1988. After a 2 year stint with the US Peace Corps, she returned to the University of Houston, TX, where she completed her Master's degree and a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She currently holds a license as a Psychologist in the state of TX. For a complete list of Karen's professional publications and presentations, visit the struggling teen's website.

Three Springs Announces Closure of New Dominion School
(April 3, 2009) Aida Porras, MA, Vice President of Marketing, Three Springs, 256-880-3339, ext 222, announced New Dominion campus located in Dillwyn, VA, will close effective May 20, 2009, due to the recent changes in the state's referral model which will drastically reduce enrollment in the program. Eighty percent of the current student population is through state or local government referrals and the difficult economic conditions are making it challenging in the private referral sector.

Robert Bufton Joins St. Paul's as Head of School
(April 6, 2009) St. Paul's Preparatory Academy, Phoenix, AZ, 602-956-9090, announced the hiring of a new Head of School, Robert E. Bufton, who comes to St. Paul's from Southwestern Academy, Beaver Creek Ranch campus (near Sedona, AZ). He will join St. Paul's in June.

Monarch Center Introduces New Programs
(April 6, 2009) The Monarch Center in Georgetown, CO, 303-569-0767, is introducing a menu of programs in addition to its wilderness therapy program. The new programs will include a Family and Community Intensive program, a 2 day intensive program that treats the family system as a whole, Crisis Intervention and Leadership Expeditions. For more information contact Dave Ventimiglia, Founder at 303-569-0767.

Oregonian Reports Mt. Bachelor Investigations
(April 6, 2009) Reports of child abuse and possible licensing violations at Mt. Bachelor, a private school for troubled teens in OR, is under investigation by the OR Department of Human Services.

Soltreks Offers Unique Sibling Workshops
(April 6, 2009) Soltreks, Inc., Two Harbors, MN, is offering support to the siblings of enrolled students with unique workshops and activities covering issues of sibling concern including "the good things and the not so good things," discussions and experientials, all delivered with compassion and heart. For additional information, contact Lorri Hanna, MA, President and Executive Director, at 218-834-4607.

Dr. James Powell Joins Benchmark as New Clinical Director
(April 6, 2009) Dr. James Powell has joined the team at Benchmark Young Adult School, Redlands, CA, as the new Clinical Director. Dr. Powell, a licensed psychotherapist has served as Clinical Director of CEDU Mountain Schools, established Powell and Elliott Collaborative, an independent company focused on supporting therapeutic schools and programs, and most recently, served as Clinical Director for an outdoor wilderness program in Northern Idaho. For more information, contact Shelley Skaggs, Director of Marketing for Benchmark, at 909-307-3973 ext 32.

The Pinnacle Schools Offers Summer Sessions
(April 7, 2009) The Pinnacle Schools in Huntsville, AL, is offering two, 8-10 week summer sessions which will focus on treatment services for troubled teens and their families, with the challenge of the outdoors used as a therapeutic teaching tool. For information, contact Ann Corley, Admissions Director, at 256-518-9998.

Summit Prep Staff Participate in Motivational Enhancement Therapy Training
(April 7, 2009) Barbara Cunningham, EdD, Admissions at Summit Preparatory School, 406-758-8139, shared with us that a number of Summit Prep staff attended a workshop on the use of Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET). The training was presented by Rachel Gooms, MSW, LAC, who works with the "Self Over Substances" (SOS) Program at the Curry Health Center at the University of Montana.

Michael Gurian's Final Installment of Trilogy: The Purpose of Boys Released
(April 7, 2009) THE PURPOSE OF BOYS, the final installment of Michael Gurian's boys' trilogy (THE WONDER OF BOYS, 1996, and THE MINDS OF BOYS, 2005) has recently been released. Michael Gurian has spent more than two decades advocating for boys, examining and explaining how they learn and develop differently from girls and how parents and teachers can help them succeed.

Resume Resource Table Available at Spring IECA Conference
(April 7, 2009) As part of the Independent Educational Consultants Association's (IECA) long standing commitment to support colleagues in schools and programs across the country, the presence of a "Resume Resource Table" was held at the Spring conference in San Francisco in April. The intent of the table was to allow interested conference participants and unemployed colleagues in the therapeutic arena to have their résumé's in a centralized location for any and all interested parties.

Montana Academy and Explorations Create Joint Venture for Girls Summer 2009
(April 7, 2009) Kelly Gesker, Assistant Director of Admissions for Montana Academy, Kalispell, MT, announced that Montana Academy and Explorations are launching a joint venture this summer in which Explorations will offer a unique 8 week adventure for girls as the prelude to enrollment at Montana Academy. For additional information, call 406-755-3149.

23rd Annual CAADE Conference Held in April
(April 7, 2009) The 23rd Annual California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE) conference was held in April at the Sacramento Doubletree Hotel. Titled, "The Politics of Addiction Treatment and Prevention," the conference featured speaker topics ranging from: The Disease of Addiction, Meth Inside Out, Sexual Addiction, Child Abuse and ADP Counselor Legislation Update. For more information on CAADE, contact Becca Porter at 805-641-1677.

Remuda Ranch Conference on Eating Disorders "Hungry for Hope"
(April 7, 2009) The 2009 Remuda Ranch Christian Conference on eating disorders will be held June 3-5, 2009, at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs, CO. It is designed to equip professionals in the areas of body image and disordered eating, with a special focus on the role of identity in recovery. For additional information, contact Nancy Berry at 800-445-1900.

CooperRiis to Open 2nd NC Campus in Asheville
(April 7, 2009) In the fall of 2009, CooperRiis will open an urban campus in Asheville, NC, as a sister facility to its Mill Spring Healing Farm Community. It will provide access to the opportunities of two community colleges, four private colleges and two state universities. This new campus will be home to a therapeutic community consisting of 24 residents supported by a broad array of services and staff. For more information, contact Virgil Stucker, Executive Director, at 828-899-4673.

Mount Bachelor Responds with Letter to Woodbury Reports
(April 8, 2009) Mount Bachelor, Prineville, OR, has responded with a letter to Woodbury Reports, concerning the investigation the State of Oregon Department of Human Services is conducting on Mount Bachelor Academy regarding allegations of child abuse. To read this in its entirety, visit the struggling teen's website.

Aspiro Celebrates Its Third Year
(April 8, 2009) As part of the completion of its third year, Aspiro held an open house at its new 8,000 square foot facility in Mount Pleasant, UT, on April 15, 2009. In addition to Aspiro, two additional programs have been created during the three years: Vantage Point, for more clinically advanced students, and Kairos, their young adult program. Contact Brian Church, VP Business Development, 801-979-6301, for additional information on Aspiro.

College Excel Summer Intensive Starts June 17, 2009
(April 10, 2009) Sue Harless, MEd, CMC, Executive Director of Operations for College Excel, Bend, OR, 541-388-3043, announced its Summer College Intensive 2009 will run June 17-August 21, 2009. College Excel's Summer Intensive offers students the opportunity to earn 13 transferrable college credits in 10 weeks, with classes instructed both in and out of the classroom, combining traditional course work with experiential learning.

Bodin Educational Consultants Celebrate 30 Years
(April 10, 2009) The Bodin Group, in Los Altos, CA, 650-937-1111, has reached a milestone of 30 years of Educational Planning and celebrated with an Open House, on Wednesday April 29, 2009..

The End of the Enigmatic DeSisto School's Property
(April 12, 2009) The former DeSisto School, a private therapeutic school for troubled teens which opened in 1978 by Michael DeSisto, who passed away in November 2003, was in foreclosure auction this past week. The mansion and its property, which lies in near-ruins, was purchased by Nursing-home magnate Patrick Sheehan, who claimed the property for $350,000 plus the mortgage, taxes owed to the town and other debts, bringing the total outlay to nearly $1.4 million.

Brit Loses 12 Stone in Months at Wellspring NC
(April 13, 2009) A teen girl who had been warned last August by doctors to lose weight or she could die, left her home in Aberdare, South Wales, to attend Wellspring NC after being given a special scholarship. She has lost 12 stone in 7 months and is looking forward to the rest of her life.

Aspen Achievement Academy Introduces Family Assessments
(April 13, 2009) Aspen Achievement Academy in Loa, UT, 800-283-8334, announced Aspen Achievement will use extensive family assessments for all families to identify family traits and dynamics to develop a growth plan that is individualized to each family. Included is a personalized review of the results with a therapist, recommendations and insights to assist the family in developing goals.

La Europa Academy Transition Innovations
(April 13, 2009) Nora Urbanelli, Director of La Europa Academy, Murray, UT, 801-268-9300, announced changes to its program which are designed to aid in the transition from wilderness to residential treatment for those students enrolling. Among them are that safety periods will be reduced to 72 hours rather than one week, students are eligible to apply for level 1 or level 2 with a recommendation from their wilderness therapist after a two week period, contact via phone between the Residential therapist and the Wilderness therapist and students sharing their wilderness experience with an oral report and other creative projects to receive school credits. For additional information call La Europa.

Guy Hardcastle Joins West Ridge Academy as Director of Business Development
(April 13, 2009) Ken Allen, Executive Director for West Ridge Academy, West Jordan, UT, announced Guy Hardcastle has joined West Ridge as Director of Business Development. Previously, Guy was the Director of Operations at Wilderness Quest and also worked with the Ascent programs in North Idaho. To contact Guy directly, call 801-699-5877.

Call for Papers on Wraparound Implementation
(April 14, 2009) The Journal of Child & Family Studies (JCFS) issued a call for papers for an upcoming special issue of JCFS devoted to wraparound implementation and address gaps in the understanding of wraparound implementation. Paper ideas are due June 1, 2009. For more information go to

4th Annual Northwest Get Together Line Up
(April 14, 2009) Woodbury Reports, Inc. in Bonners Ferry, ID, 208-267-5550, is gearing up for its 4th Annual Northwest Get Together which will include the following presenters: Dr. Nick Hung, PhD, from Montana Academy, Brandi Elliott will speak on "Parents as Partners"; Randy Russell, owner of SouLore, will speak on "The Value of Native Culture in 21st Century Teens" and Paul Clark, former Montana legislator and founder of Galena Ridge, will conduct a fly fishing clinic. To register for this event, contact Laura Morton at 208-267-5550.

2nd Annual NATSAP Midwest Regional Conference
(April 14, 2009) The 2nd Annual NATSAP Midwest Regional Conference will be held October 9, 2009, at The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Campus in Oakbrook, IL. Contact Nicole Fuglsang, Conference Co-Chair, (CALO-Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks) at 866-459-1362 or Norm Osttrum, Conference Co-Chair (Montcalm School for Boys).

West Ridge Academy Awarded Outstanding Program by URTA
(April 14, 2009) At the annual Utah Recreation Therapy Association (URTA) Conference's award ceremony held in April in Sundance, UT, West Ridge Academy's therapeutic recreation program was awarded the honor of "Outstanding Program." This program is headed by John Webb, TRS, CTRS, LCP, and also includes Eli Kerr TRS, CTRS, and Alta Swarnes TRS, CTRS. To learn more about West Ridge Academy, West Jordan, UT, contact Wendy Ballard, Communications, 801-282-1000.

Cherry Gulch Student Council Chooses Responsible and Mature Activities
(April 14, 2009) Andy Sapp, PhD, Founder and CEO of Cherry Gulch, Emmet, ID, 208-365-3437, ext 502, shared a story with us about how the current student council at Cherry Gulch is coming up with innovative ways of raising funds for the council through thoughtful and intelligent means, including going "green." They are using the funds for a Cherry Gulch flag and flagpole designed by the students.

Autism Tied to Schools Built Near Superfund Sites
(April 14, 2009) Moira Bulloch, Center for Health, Environment and Justice, Falls Church, VA, 703-237-2249, ext. 19, announced a study by researchers at the University of Northern Iowa found that rates of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) were one and a half times higher in school districts within 10 miles of the toxic superfund sites than in school districts not near a Superfund site. Rates of autism in children living up to twenty miles from a Superfund site were similar.

British Health Board to Cut Funding for Wellspring Student
(April 15, 2009) The young British teen who has successfully lost 12 stone while attending Wellspring Academy has learned the Rhondda Cynon Taf Local Health Board will not pay for her to stay on after her year long course ends in June, 2009.

Letter to the Editor from Soltreks Graduate
(April 15, 2009) There is a new letter to the Editor from a graduate of Soltreks, Twin Harbors, MN, 218-834-4607. To read this in its entirety, visit the struggling teen's website. For more information about Soltreks, contact Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, Co-Founder at 218-834-4607.

Agape Boarding School Presents Rodeo Series
(April 15, 2009) Scott Smith, Marketing Director at Agape Boarding School, Stockton, MO, 417-276-7215, announced this year's Rodeo events for Agape School: June 13, July 4, August 1, September 5 and the rodeo finals, October 5-10, 2009. If you are interested in helping, please contact Brent Jackson at (417) 276-7215.

Oliverian School's Barclay Mackinnon Announces Headmaster Search
(April 15, 2009) Barclay Mackinnon will be stepping into his new role at Oliverian School, Haverhill, NH, as Head Emeritus-Director of Alumni and Family Relations, effective July 1, 2009. With this announcement, Oliverian has launched the search for a new Headmaster, who will live on site and guide faculty and students. For more information, contact Barclay at 603-989-5100.

Agape Boarding School's Spring Training Camp
(April 15, 2009) Scott Smith, Marketing Director for Agape Boarding School, Stockton, MO, 417-276-7215, shared that this year's spring training camp was held at a campground in Oklahoma City. The students enjoyed a week filled with fun activities including paintball, football, soccer, fishing and playing hide and seek at night. The trip also included a stop at the Oklahoma City National Museum and Memorial.

$1,000 Math Prize to Family Foundation School Students
(April 16, 2009) James Kavarnos, math teacher at The Family Foundation School, Hancock, NY, 845-887-5213, announced that the school received an Honorable Mention and a prize of $1,000 in this year's Moody's Mega Math Challenge. Two FFS math teams were among 400 teams of high school juniors and seniors in the northeast to participate in the annual event in March. Students had just 14 hours to use mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis techniques to determine whether the government's $787 billion stimulus package signed into law in February will actually work.

Family Foundation School Yearbook Design Recognized
(April 16, 2009) Ann Kozak, Yearbook Adviser at The Family Foundation School, Hancock, NY, 845-887-5213, announced that the school's 2007 yearbook "One Day at a Time" has been recognized for design excellence and featured in the 2009 "Gotcha Covered Look Book." Published annually by yearbook leader Jostens, the Look Book features yearbook spreads and covers from across the country. The FFS book was one of only 435 yearbooks selected from more than 2,500 submitted for consideration.

InnerChange New Haven Completes Its Second Major Outcome Study
(April 16, 2009) New Haven, an InnerChange program, Spanish Fork, UT, 801-794-1220, has published the results of its second major outcome study in three years. Dr. Pamela McCollam, New Haven's Clinical Psychologist, and Dustin Tibbitts, LMFT, New Haven's Executive Director, designed the study's parameters. To view this in its entirety, visit the struggling teen's website. For additional information, contact Dustin Tibbitts, LMFT, and Executive Director, at 801-794-1220.

Soltreks Summer Program Blooms into 12th Season
(April 16, 2009) Soltreks wilderness therapy program, Two Harbors, MN, is welcoming its 12th summer season and offers high impact experiential and emotional development curriculum. The curriculum, approved for academic credit, encompasses backpacking, rock climbing, service learning and canoe expedition in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Family involvement in Parent Workshops and Sibling Work are also included. For more information contact Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, Executive Director at 218-834-4607.

New Haven Clinicians Discuss Eating Disorders on TV
(April 17, 2009) Ari Terry, Admissions for New Haven, Spanish Fork, UT, 801-794-1218, informed us that ABC's Channel 4 Good Morning Utah show interviewed Jeana Lee, LMFT, New Haven's Assistant Clinical Director, and Kip Rasmussen, LMFT, PhD, an eating disorder specialist working at New Haven who discussed statistics and possible signs to look for in struggling teens with an eating disorder.

Time Magazine Focuses on Supreme Court and Oregon School
(April 17, 2009) The US Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case against Mount Bachelor Academy, owned by the Aspen Education Group, on whether families can seek reimbursement for private school tuition from the state if the child did not first receive special education services in public school.

OPI Student Accepted at the Fashion Institute of Design
(April 20, 2009) Optimum Performance Institute, Woodland Hills, CA, is proud to announce Amanda J, a participant of OPI, has been accepted as a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about OPI, contact Anne LaRiviere, Director of Admissions, 888-558-0617.

David Blumberg New Program Director at OPI
(April 20, 2009) David Blumberg has joined the staff of Optimum Performance Institute, Woodland Hills, CA, as the new Program Director. David has over 20 years experience in the therapeutic field, most recently as Senior Program Operations Supervisor at the Tarzana Treatment Center. For more information contact Anne LaRiviere, Director of Admissions, at 888-558-0617.

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