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Posted: Aug 11, 2009, 12:05

New Perspectives


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Cameron, TX
Scott McGarrahan, Founder

Resolution Ranch, founded in 2004, is a therapeutic residential program for young men ages 13-17 years old who struggle with negative behaviors and patterns which may include lack of respect and hostility towards family, irresponsibility, lack of motivation, skipping school, drug or alcohol use, negative peer relationships or depression and low self esteem.

The founder of Resolution Ranch is Scott McGarrahan who, before founding the ranch, played professional football in the NFL for eight years and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Children's Miracle Network and the DARE program. Neil Staab is the program's Administrator and joined the Ranch in 2005. Neil is a licensed child care administrator, holds a degree in sociology and criminal justice from the University of Texas, El Paso, and is a member of the International Association of Non Violent Crisis Intervention Certified Instructors. Chris Langley has been the Program Director since 2005. Chris holds an MS in Marriage and Family, in addition to certificates in alcohol and drug abuse and family life education. Prior to joining the Ranch, Chris was Program Director at Rancho Damacitas and a Social Services manager at St. Frances Home for Children in Sacramento, CA.

Resolution Ranch is situated on a 500 acre working longhorn cattle ranch where the young men learn hands-on ranch work. Throughout the program, Resolution Ranch uses the acronym R.A.N.C.H. (Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling and Healing) with each of the five levels they reach. In keeping with the Ranch experience, names of the levels include: Ranch Hands, Cattle Men, Ropers, Wranglers and Cowboys, and with each are five main concepts students work with both in written work and activities.

Students participate in individual, group and family therapy, in addition to AA and NA step classes and equine therapy. Recreational activities included hiking, camping, horseback riding, ranching, gardening, fishing and water sports.

[This information came from the Resolution Ranch website and their Parent Introduction Packet.]


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