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Posted: Jan 12, 2018 15:04

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Oxbow Academy
Springville, UT

Oxbow Academy Opens
Evaluation Center

Tiffany Silva, LCSW
Director of Admissions

Oxbow Academy is excited to announce that our Evaluation Center is officially open. As of today, there are currently eight students enrolled with more scheduled throughout the next few weeks. That represents half the small, home-like capacity of sixteen.

This facility was built to better serve our families and students, the educational consultants and the other allied health and educational professionals we regularly interact with.

The evaluation process is the same that it has always been, just a bit more refined. Having the center available as a specifically designated space allows the families to have a sense of added comfort and security in the evaluation process.

If you suspect your client is struggling with sexual issues, he is usually also experiencing shame, embarrassment, and emotionally painful secrets. This evaluation process helps him take the first step toward healing by owning his story, battling shameful thinking, and being more transparent in a safe environment. This allows him to move forward in a comfortable way and share these very sensitive clinically significant issues with his therapist and with his parents.

After each evaluation, your client's unique treatment needs are shared with you and the family to best determine any ongoing treatment options.

To learn more, please visit our website at:

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