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Posted: Jun 12, 2009 09:35


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Matt Fitzgerald
Co-Owner and Director
Sagle, Idaho

Northwoods uses campuses in Northern Idaho and in Central Costa Rica to deliver its character building program to young men. Since 1993, we have believed that our students learn best by doing and experiencing new things in interesting places, while our focus has always been and continues to be to safely prepare our students for a successful life after Northwoods.

New students at Northwoods usually enroll at our Sagle, ID, farm where they will join a healthy milieu, receive an individualized academic plan, individual therapy with group counseling, be involved in work project responsibilities and participate in outdoor recreation in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

Approximately three months later, after the new student has settled into his Northwoods "lifestyle," a trip to our Costa Rica campus will be his next opportunity.

Northwoods owns over one hundred tropical acres in the Tiliran Mountains, located in the north central part of the country. Here is where our students are immersed into a different culture while continuing with their studies and therapy.

Northwoods has over a decade of interacting with the locals of La Tigra and our students are welcomed there with the world famous Costa Rican friendliness. A powerful shift begins to take place within the Northwoods student. A greater sense of appreciation and overall peacefulness takes the place of entitlements and anxieties.

The third phase of Northwoods happens in our original Northwoods location in beautiful Bonners Ferry, ID. Our students are now given the opportunity to attend a safe, main stream public school to use their skills and maturity to thrive both academically as well as socially. Many of our students make the honor roll, participate in sports, become locally employed, and most importantly, make friends with the people of Bonners Ferry.

The Northwoods program brings decades of experience to the young people and the families that find their way to us. We are absolutely dedicated to providing a quality, individualized educational opportunity to each of our students.

Northwoods has a student capacity of 30 and accepts enrollments year round for young men ages 13 through 18. The average length of stay for our students is twelve months and our monthly tuition is 3,950 dollars.

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