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Posted: Jan 2, 2013 11:23

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Salt Lake City, UT

InnerChange Announces
Partnership with Chrysalis

Dustin Tibbitts, President

The Montana-based program for adolescent girls will be the fourth and newest member of the InnerChange family of treatment programs.

InnerChange, a company that specializes in residential treatment for adolescents and young adults, announced today its acquisition of Chrysalis, a 36-bed therapeutic boarding school for girls aged 13 - 18 located in Eureka, Montana, about 90 minutes from Kalispell.

Chrysalis is the fourth facility to join the InnerChange family of treatment programs, all of which currently specialize in treatment for adolescent girls or young women with emotional and behavioral problems.

"Chrysalis does exceptional experiential and relational work and has a robust academic program," said Dustin Tibbitts, president of InnerChange. "We can't think of a better program to partner with in our effort to help families heal."

InnerChange and Chrysalis leadership expressed their shared intent to preserve and support the Chrysalis mission "to provide the best quality therapeutic services, education, and experiential opportunities to adolescents and their families."

"We selected Chrysalis because it's a great fit for InnerChange in terms of quality and mission," said Kimball DeLaMare, senior vice president of InnerChange. This high degree of compatibility will allow InnerChange to support Chrysalis in a spirit of partnership, DeLaMare added, "offering additional resources to help Chrysalis further advance its longstanding programmatic vision in new, powerful ways."

Chrysalis co-founders Mary Alexine and Kenny Pannell also expressed excitement about the acquisition, saying that "with InnerChange as a partner, we know that our program and its legacy will continue to grow and thrive."

InnerChange has provided educational, treatment, and recovery programs to adolescents and young adults experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties for more than 15 years. Our residential treatment and transitional living programs are clinically sophisticated and designed to facilitate whole-family healing. "We are committed to restoring hope in the lives of those we serve."
Chrysalis is a small therapeutic boarding school in Montana, for girls ages 13-18.

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