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Posted: Sep 10, 2008 06:30

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Friends of Families Foundation
Lake Arrowhead, CA

Friends of Families Foundation Creates Monarch Fund

Dr. Jim Powell

The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of a Monarch Alumni Association Fund under the umbrella of The Foundation, the 1st such fund designed for one of its participating schools.

Supported by a generous donation from the Monarch Alumni Association and matching funds by the Foundation, this special purpose fund allows friends of the Monarch School (located in Heron, MT) to donate to the Foundation and earmark those monies for students attending Monarch School. While the donor may not name a particular benefitting student or family, targeted giving allows the Monarch School to benefit from the fund to provide financial support for future families in need.

"We are very excited to receive such generous support from the Monarch Alumni Association. Like our trustees, they are dedicated alumni parents working together to support families in need. We are looking forward to a long future of helping Monarch School students", stated Brandi Elliott, Foundation representative.

"Working together was a natural occurrence for us. We share similar experiences and visions both as parents and as charitable organizations. We encourage all of our participating schools, their related associations and parent/corporate organizations to contact us to discuss targeted giving opportunities unique to their school/program," said Joel Horowitz, Foundation trustee and co-founder. "Working side by side with the Foundation, allows us to leverage our resources to help more Monarch families", said Bruce Janklow, Co-President, Monarch Alumni Association.

The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation, originally founded in 1998 as The Friends of CEDU Foundation, is a non-profit corporation recognized as a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. According to Elliott, since its inception, The Foundation has helped dozens of families. "In 2007, thanks to our generous donors, we were able to support 6 families. This new association helps keep our momentum going and will hopefully motivate others to participate and contribute."

Current Friends of Families Foundation participating schools include: Academy at Sisters (OR), Oakley School (UT), Boulder Creek Academy (ID), King George School (VT), New Leaf Academy of North Carolina (NC), New Leaf Academy of Oregon (OR), Copper Canyon Academy (AZ) Bromley Brook School (VT) and now Monarch School (MT). Other therapeutic boarding schools should review the Foundation's website to determine if they meet the criteria of a participating school.

All donations and fundraising ideas are encouraged and appreciated and should be directed to The Foundation's representatives, Brandi Elliott 951-315-8320 or Dr. Jim Powell 951-317-3151 or

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