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Posted: May 5, 2014 11:25

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Elevations RTC / ViewPoint Center
Syracuse, Utah

New Status And New Program
On Syracuse Campus

Dr. David G. Hans
Owner & Executive Director

On behalf of the leadership team, I am excited to announce that the Syracuse campus has reclaimed its status as an owner-operated organization. In an effort to make a clean break from our previous corporate owner, we have opened two new programs under new ownership, Elevations RTC and ViewPoint Center.
Having served over 3,000 families during the past 20 years, we look forward to continuing the tradition of the Syracuse campus by making students and families our highest priority. Elevations and ViewPoint are grounded in evidence-based and industry best practices and are well-positioned to provide innovative, high quality treatment.
Elevations RTC is perhaps the only true co-ed residential treatment center in the country offering comprehensive psychiatric and medical services, college preparatory academics, robust recreational programming and an integrated therapeutic approach that combines milieu, group, individual and family therapies. We pride ourselves on offering such an extensive scope of services at an all-inclusive rate.

Located across the campus is ViewPoint Center, a specialty psychiatric hospital providing psychiatric stabilization, neuropsychological assessment, comprehensive clinical treatment, and integrated prescriptive services for adolescents ages 13-17. This multi-disciplinary team is highly regarded for making sense of complex psychiatric presentations and providing a treatment roadmap to greater health and well-being. Additionally, we successfully assist families in accessing insurance benefits to help defray the cost of treatment.
While we are excited to announce the creation of two new programs in ViewPoint and Elevations, we are sad to close two long-term programs in Island View RTC and Aspen Institute that previously operated on the Syracuse campus.

We thank you for your support and confidence in our programs and look forward to partnering with you to support students and families in need.

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