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Posted: Nov 18, 2015 16:38

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Elevations RTC
Syracuse, UT

Elevations Improves Learning with Technology In Classroom

Judith Jacques, M.Ed.
Executive Director of Elevations RTC

Since its opening in Spring 2014, Elevations RTC consistently provides a top of the line academic experience for teens ages 13-18. In honor of American Education Month this November, Elevations RTC is proud to announce the expanded availability of technology in each of their classrooms.

In 2016, Elevations RTC will be giving each student a Chromebook to use as a study tool. Elevations RTC already utilizes smartboards in all classrooms, which allows for an enriched learning environment.

“There was a program that was on this campus, Island View, which closed spring 2014, and lacked the technological innovation Elevations offers,” says Logan Kupitz, Health and Fitness Coordinator at Elevations RTC, “Since Elevations RTC opened in the same location we have continued to seek new ways to enhance the students’ personalized academic experience.”

Elevations RTC believes it is important for students to have access to educational elements of the Internet, expanding the availability of educational, thought provoking sites for research purposes.

“Our academic program encourages students to use all available technological resources in order to receive the best learning experience possible,” says Kupitz.

Elevations RTC’s academic program has helped hundreds of teens find the confidence to succeed academically and socially.

For more information about Elevations RTC, please call 855-290-9681.

Elevations RTC is a unique residential treatment center that works with both young men and women ages 13 - 18. Elevations offers guidance, support and relief to young men and women struggling with issues like trauma, depression, mood disorders, behavioral problems, and substance abuse. Elevations RTC is located in Utah and provides specialized, clinically intensive programs to struggling teens.

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