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Posted: Apr 6, 2011 11:26


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by Christine Haggerty
Dean of Academics
Cedar Ridge Academy
Roosevelt, UT

March 15, 2011

At Cedar Ridge Academy there has been a focused effort to become more involved in community service within the community of Roosevelt, UT, where Cedar Ridge Academy resides.

Students of Cedar Ridge Academy are tutoring local middle school students in reading and math each week. Every Thursday morning, seven of our boarding school students travel to Roosevelt Middle School to work with fourth, fifth and sixth graders who read below grade level and are at risk of falling further behind in academic skills if they don't get the help they need now.

The Cedar Ridge students have been well received by the local community of Roosevelt for their service efforts this year and they are learning to gain the civic responsibility it teaches, as well as the therapeutic value of giving selflessly to others.

The focus on community service is partly in response to a civic service and leadership elective required by the academy for graduation, emphasizing not only community involvement, but also leadership in recognizing civic needs and responding to them.

In addition to their tutoring, Cedar Ridge Academy students have adopted a section of local highway that they clean-up three times each year, have decorated a tree that was auctioned to support the local Family Support Center, and organized and donated several items to send to shelters in the state. Students also help to maintain a hiking trail on public land in the Uintah Mountain foothills.

Cedar Ridge Academy strives to instill a lifelong sense of community involvement and civic responsibility in both our boarding school and therapeutic school students. To learn more about our school or see what our students are involved in, please read the student-authored articles in our newsletter at

Cedar Ridge Academy believes in cultivating student talents, and our teachers and guidance department assist our graduates with moving on to college, including art schools.

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