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Posted: Nov 11, 2008, 21:16

New Perspectives


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Old La Sal, Utah
Ka Hancock
Director of Admissions

Cayenne Recovery Ranch is a residential program designed to treat young men ages 12-18 with primary substance abuse as well as dual diagnosis related problems. Cayenne is located on a working cattle ranch near Moab, UT, and offers comprehensive treatment in a remote and natural setting. The program is long-term, six to twelve months, with emphasis on early addiction, mood stabilization, and academic success. They offer a holistic treatment approach that incorporates 12-Step principles as an overlay to all other aspects of care.

The Clinical Director, Dr. Kirk Thorn, a clinical psychologist, has over thirty years of experience in treating adolescents with a broad range of mental health issues. He has an acute understanding of dual diagnostics and the importance of addressing the underlying issues contributing to the problems of addiction. In addition, Larry Wells oversees the addiction treatment team. Larry is the founder of Wilderness Quest and has "an impeccable reputation in the industry". Two of his talented protégés have also joined the staff at Cayenne. It is their personal experience with recovery that drives them to lead others to sobriety.

Together Kirk Thorn and Larry Wells have created an integrated model that utilizes 12-Step, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, Family Therapy, and includes a strong experiential component. Cayenne also offer Equine Assisted Therapy lead by EAGALA certified individuals, who practice the natural horsemen techniques pioneered by industry greats such as Ray Hunt and Pat Parelli. Cayenne is a relationship-based program that is complimented by the work the residents do with horses, as well the exposure they have with the responsibilities of cattle ranching.

The full service educational program is lead by award-winning teacher Damian Nash, who brings an enthusiastic teaching philosophy. Damian has dedicated his career to the success of young people. Every effort is made to bring the resident back to his educational baseline and beyond with an emphasis on college preparation.

At Cayenne, staff members are committed to a strong transition of care. As many of the patients come from wilderness programs or in-patient settings, the ranch implements policies to communicate directly with the boy's primary therapist. When possible staff make contact with the young man directly prior to his arrival at Cayenne as a means of introduction to optimize transition into the program.

The serene setting invites self-reflection, recognition of a higher power, and an appreciation for the gifts of life. It allows the emergence of a clear mind uncluttered by the chaotic activities of substance abuse to more effectively assess one's life and goals with honesty. The unspoiled land, the ranch setting, the clinical expertise and the program dynamics define Cayenne as "a premier treatment option for adolescent males at risk".

[This information was submitted by Cayenne Recovery Ranch]


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