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Posted: May 11, 2009 08:09

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Learning Enhancement Corporation
Chicago, Illinois

BrainWare Safari Named Best Education Game

Betsy Hill

May 7, 2009

Learning Enhancement Corporation announced that its flagship program, BrainWare Safari, won the 2009 CODIE Award for Best Education Game or Simulation from the Software and Information Industry Association. The award recognized BrainWare Safari as entertaining and challenging in a way that judges had not seen before. The program was also commended for using technology not just as a means of delivery, but as an innovative learning tool.

In commenting on the 2009 CODIE Award Winners, SIIA President Ken Wasch said, "Now, more than ever, information technology is playing a vital role in fostering American innovation and providing a powerful economic engine. We should not only congratulate these winners, but we should keep a close eye on them. These are the products and businesses that will help ensure our country maintains its leadership in the global information economy."

Pat Wolfe, author of Brain Matters and an expert in the application of neuroscience to teaching and learning said "It is extremely gratifying to have the industry recognize the potential of this innovative program to enhance students' cognitive skills. Too often programs focus on the skills of specific content areas rather than the cognitive skills that underlie the ability to be successful in all areas." Dr. Wolfe serves on the education and scientific advisory board for BrainWare Safari.

BrainWare Safari has previously been awarded the sought-after Parents' Choice Award and won the Teachers' Choice for the Family Award for 2009. In 2006, Learning Enhancement Corporation, maker of BrainWare Safari, received the EdNET Rookie of the Year Award honoring the most promising start-up venture with the greatest potential to be a significant player in the education industry in the coming years.

Roger Stark, CEO of Learning Enhancement Corporation said, "We are grateful to receive the recognition of our peers in the industry. Winning the CODIE award is a milestone in our efforts to give every student access to a program that dramatically improves their potential for academic and life success."

BrainWare Safari builds learning capacity by comprehensively strengthening an individual's cognitive skills, benefitting them for a lifetime, not just for the next test, and it giving them a stronger foundation for academic and workplace success. The program develops 41 cognitive skills in six areas: attention, memory, visual and auditory processing, thinking and sensory integration - the skills most critical for learning across all areas of the curriculum.

In a peer-reviewed published study, students using the program experienced over 4 years improvement in cognitive skills on average vs. 4 months for the control group, and almost 2 years improvement in academic skills vs. 1 month for the control group, after 11 weeks of use. Cognitive growth of up to 6 years has been shown in a school setting.

BrainWare Safari is different from other brain training programs because it works the mind the way it is designed to work - by developing the mind comprehensively and in an engaging way - like cross-training for the brain. The program is available to consumers, to schools, for use in a clinical setting, and for workforce development.

About Learning Enhancement Corporation
Learning Enhancement Corporation has developed a software platform for learning that combines the latest neuroscience with motivating video-game technology. For further information, visit LEC's flagship product, BrainWare Safari, is available at or by calling 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610).

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