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Posted: Dec 7, 2010 08:30

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American HealthCare Lending
Salt Lake City, UT

American HealthCare Lending
Offers New Loan Programs

Billy McKee
President / CEO
800-625-7412 X 101

December 6, 2010

American HealthCare Lending has announced its plan to open enrollment for its lending service to both programs and educational consultants. "After a successful beta phase in the mental and behavioral health field we are excited to begin serving programs and families nationwide," said Billy McKee, CEO of American HealthCare Lending.

American HealthCare Lending offers a variety of loan programs including unsecured installment and revolving, secured installment loans, HELOC's, 2nd mortgages, stock, bond and CD secured loans and many other unique options. They offer these programs through over 600 lenders nationwide. "Our mission is to work with our lenders to develop progressive finance programs that will make treatment more affordable for families in need. The end result has been very positive," said Nick Sorensen, VP of Product Development.

American HealthCare Lending's loan programs extend into the $100,000 range although most fall between $15,000 and $30,000. Payments can be stretched out over 7 years and more in many cases. This allows families to stretch out the cost of treatment and ultimately allows programs to market to a wider range of clients.

If you are interested in learning more information about our services, please contact us thru our mental health provider hotline at 888-502-1302 or visit our website at

American HealthCare Lending secures loans through a vast network of lender partners. It offers more than just the typical unsecured loan product including HELOC's, second mortgages, cash-out refinances, auto loans, secured installment loans, and revolving credit lines. The company also prides itself on its passionate and discrete team of loan consultants and its lender partners who look past the credit application and have compassion for families and what they are going through.

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