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Posted: Mar 29, 2012 06:30


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By Saleem Rana, M.A.

Allen Cardoza is a real-life Lieutenant Columbo, a licensed detective dedicated to fighting injustice and righting wrongs. In his case, Cardoza is determined to fight human trafficking in the United States. Today, 1.25 million victims of human trafficking are here in the United States, and an estimated 29 million people worldwide are caught in the web of human trafficking.

Cardoza is a licensed private investigator (PI 7824), an instructor of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, a radio talk show host on L.A. Talk Radio, an author of Running Away In America, and a public speaker.

As part of his effort to raise public awareness about parenting concerns, adolescent issues, and personal development, Allen co-hosts a weekly radio talk show with Dr. Melody Foxx, a California Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist.

The radio show is geared towards advising families in crisis. He interviews experts about their books, work, and experiences. He recently interviewed Gary Flohr, Vice President of Support Services, and Charles McGahan, Guidance Counselor for Yellowstone Academy, to find out about how Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch has been successful helping at-risk youth rediscover their sense of personal power and self-esteem.

He has also interviewed academics like Shawn Achor, the professor for Harvard's Happiness Course, and New York Times best-selling author James Redfield, who just published The Twelfth Insight.

Through his speeches and articles, Allen offers practical solutions for parents and teens, as well as raises awareness about the secret underground world of human trafficking and child slavery.

He is a co-author with world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown on the book Fight for Your Dreams which was released April 2011.

His book Running Away In America is currently available in eBook format for free on his website.

An Accident Led To a Purpose-driven Life

When he was an adolescent, Cardoza worked in his family's roofing business. One day, he fell off a roof and had to spend 6 weeks in bed. Lying in bed, he thought about his future and decided to become a detective.

Fascinated by the idea of detective work, he thumbed through the yellow pages, but it was only when he got all the way to the Z's that he finally got an interview. A gentleman by the name of Walt Zwonitzer reluctantly invited him in for an interview. However, it did not go well at all.

Realizing that persistence was vital to being successful in the investigation business, Cardoza began visiting the P.I.'s office daily. After two weeks, Zwonitzer decided to hire him because he needed someone to work a rush case. Cardoza had no idea at the time that his life would change beyond recognition.

Discovering Human Trafficking

While working on a case about a missing girl, Cardoza discovered a party where lecherous older men picked up young girls for casual sex. The 19-year-old was shaken to his core.

After that experience, he decided to focus on recovering, rescuing and returning runaways, victims of human trafficking, and parentally abducted children.

Cardoza described the criminal world of human trafficking. Noting that drug traffickers found this business attracted less attention from law enforcement.

West Shield Adolescent Services

West Shield Adolescent Services, Inc., a private corporation founded by Allen Cardoza, has been successfully transporting adolescents to facilities and programs in the United States and across the world. The company has located and transported more than 13,000 adolescents in over 25 years in the industry.

Staff members are experienced and licensed to locate runaways and provide crisis intervention. All services are based on non-violent crisis intervention techniques, which emphasize communication to resolve conflict.

Compassion and patience are used in their work with adolescents, although it may be necessary to temporarily restrain adolescents who are at risk of hurting themselves or others.

West Shield In Action

On Wednesday, January 25th, the West Shield team came to the rescue backstage on The Dr. Phil Show. The episode, entitled "17 And Out Of Control," was about a 17-year old girl, Courtney, who had tyrannized her parents, siblings, classmates and teachers for years.

West Shield got an emergency call from the show's producers because Courtney had just attacked a female security officer and needed to be restrained. The assault did not take place on air, but in the back room when her parents told her that they had agreed to Dr Phil's generous offer to place her at Turn-About Ranch in Utah.

Responding immediately to the call, Allen and his agents quickly de-escalated the situation. They managed to transport Courtney without incident to the treatment center in Utah, a trip that included a drive to the airport and the subsequent flight.

Contact Information

For more information about West Shield Adolescent Services, Allen Cardoza's mission to end child slavery in America, or about the weekly radio shows, please visit: for West Shield Investigations for West Shield Adolescent Services for Blog, Radio Talk Show, eBooks, and articles

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