Auto Format close window

Auto formatting is designed to ensure the content you enter will look the same way in the published web pages created by the program as it does in the editor where you originally entered it.

Unlike text files where you can just press the "Enter" key once or twice to start a new line or paragraph, web pages require special HTML tags to indicate a new line or paragraph. Auto Formatting automatically adds these HTML tags to the published HTML content wherever you've pressed enter so everything will look as you intended.

Advanced Users: The only time you might want to turn auto formatting off would be if you were entering HTML code directly and didn't want extra HTML "<br>" tags added after every enter.

Image Placeholders close window

Image placeholders allow you to specify how and where uploaded images will be displayed within your article.

For each uploaded image a placeholder name will be displayed at the bottom of the edit page (example: ***image$num$***). Copying this placeholder name into the article content will cause the related image to be displayed on the published article page.


***image$num$***     insert image with default alignment
***image$num$:left*** insert image left aligned
***image$num$:center*** insert image center aligned
***image$num$:right*** insert image right aligned
***image$num$:url*** insert image URL