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Posted September 17, 2003 

Sweetwater Adolescent Girls Program

Tucson, Arizona

COTTONWOOD de TUCSON provides “affordable professional treatment” for girls and families suffering from addictive diseases, compulsive behavior patterns, and behavioral health disorders. They use experientially based programs with spirituality at their core. All programs provide patients with “effective psychodynamic and expressive techniques,” combined with the 12-Step model of recovery and an understanding of the addictive process.

“Treatment at Cottonwood's Adolescent girls program is based on a 45 day, intensive program that includes a solid base of medical management, 12-step concepts, family involvement, group therapy, nutritional counseling and individual small specialty groups.” The program is “staff intensive and managed by professional, master level therapists who are supervised by internationally respected Psychiatrist, Dr. Fran More.” Their dual diagnosis programs work both with chemical dependency issues as well as having a “strong emphasis on mental health issues.”

Cottonwood de Tucson offers Innerpath Workshops, is a “series of workshops designed to give participants insight into critical life issues and explore personal strategies to balance mind, body, and spirit in a safe, supportive environment.” They use various types of experiential therapy to “help participants reach a deep level of awareness with relative ease. “The use of psychodrama, challenge course experience, and grief and loss support plus the dynamic work of our primary facilitators helps to create an experience that changes lives.”

Cottonwood also offers a Young Adult Program for ages 18-23, that is “intensive, goal oriented and includes a solid base of medical management, focus groups, Cottonwood Challenge Course, martial arts, rock and rope climbing and individualized small specialty groups.”

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