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Posted August 28, 2003 

Wisdom Ranch School
Arco, Idaho
John Tucker, Admissions

Wisdom Ranch School is an alternative experiential school for boys aged 15 and older who are in need of academic success and personal growth. The school combines academics, personal growth, outdoor adventure, and ranch living into a unique and memorable experience.

At Wisdom Ranch, students become more aware of the importance of academics by understanding its application to everyday life. Economics, business, biology, ecology, history, and government are taught through the medium of ranch life and hands-on experience. This flexible academic program is fully accredited by the State of Idaho and the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. Wisdom Ranch collects information from the student, the family, the previous school, and the referring professional, to create a focused academic plan allowing students to catch up to their grade level, focus on specific subjects that challenge them, and/or achieve a high school diploma. A partnership with the College of Southern Idaho allows qualified students to earn college credit in specific areas.

Small family units of up to ten students and three staff live in yurts on the ranch. In this arena, students learn to balance the achievement of personal goals with the development and maintenance of important relationships. The yurts are self-sufficient with solar electricity, spring-fed water, wood burning stoves, and home cooked meals purchased and prepared by the students. The rustic environment of the yurt is structured so that students become familiar with and learn to manage all of their personal and group needs. Daily living includes ranch work, academics, group interaction, and recreation. In order to enter the yurt community, a student needs to participate in an Adventure Interview that can last up to 12 days and is intended to assist the student with establishing personal goals to take into the yurt community. Adventure activities may include rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and river travel.

Also at the Ranch are opportunities to develop many professional skills. Students are exposed to auto mechanics, welding, carpentry, and metalworking. Intensive training in any of these areas is available as each student identifies his passions.

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