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Posted August 28, 2003 

Supportive Recovery Services
Costa Mesa, California
James McKibbin – Admission Coordinator

Supportive Recovery Services (SRS) is a 90-day treatment program which focuses on continued sobriety and the reintegration of its clients back to their families and their communities. Recent research has shown that reductions in drug use were significantly greater for persons that participate in an aftercare program following their discharge from primary treatment. SRS is such a program, with all aspects of its primary treatment and aftercare program being 12-Step based and designed to assist the client with an understanding of a healthy life plan and sober living skills.

SRS works with a number of local agencies that both assist clients with their job training and employment search, as well provide vocational counseling workshops about the skills needed to enter the workforce successfully.

Each client admitted to SRS is assessed by a highly qualified chemical dependency professional. An individualized treatment plan is than formulated based on the individual’s specific circumstances and needs. Although many of the people with addiction issues have many of the same problems, an individual treatment plan helps to insure that each clients specific needs are met in a way that is not only the most comfortable for the client but also the most effective.

SRS bases their care on the understanding that the whole family is as affected by chemical abuse as the individual who is afflicted. The entire family is encouraged to participate in the recovery of their loved one by participating in counseling provided by Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Part of living a sober lifestyle is having the ability to participate in fun activities without having to use chemical substances. With this in mind, SRS provides an activity night once a week where everybody has the opportunity to have fun and bond with one another. Such activities include surfing, fishing, bowling, miniature golfing or going to the movies. In conjunction with this weekly activity night, SRS also holds a barbeque every Friday night where their alumni share their experiences, strengths, and hope.

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