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Posted August 28, 2003 

Danielson Youth Transport Service
Richmond, Virginia
Donald C. Danielson - Founder

Danielson Youth Transport Service a division of Danielson Investigative Services, Inc, is an international organization of former military intelligence personnel, federal and state investigators trained in health care, and anger management and adolescent issues. They have been transporting troubled adolescents for 21 years, serving the general public, doctors, educational consultants and their clients, and private schools.

Danielson Youth Transport takes their part in the recovery of a troubled youth, however small that role may be, very seriously, with the goal of safely transporting a child by ground, commercial airlines, or private plane from their home to the selected program. Describing themselves as “firm and professional,” yet they “do not intimidate or cause the adolescent to feel they have committed a criminal act or that they are being punished,” feeling that “in some small way, the manner of transport will have an effect on the events that follow.” They “use the transportation time to help prepare the adolescent for their new environment,” with the goal of ensuring that the transport itself “never compounds what is for the adolescent already a daunting task.” Danielson Youth Transport is fully licensed, insured and trained in safely transporting at-risk youths and recovering runaways.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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