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Posted July 22, 2003 

Christ School
Arden, North Carolina
Denis Stokes, Director of Admission

Christ School is a college preparatory school affiliated with the Episcopal Church that provides a level of structure and support that in some cases could be appropriate for a graduate of an emotional growth program. The mission of Christ School is to produce educated men of good character, helping them to prepare for both scholastic achievement in college and productive citizenship in adult society. The school offers grades 8-12, enrolling students who can meet the college preparatory work and who possess integrity, high standards, and the ability or potential to develop and utilize judgment.

They achieve their mission through a four-fold process. “First, and most important, we challenge and encourage each student, in the nurturing environment of a close knit campus, to develop academically to his maximum potential. Second, through competitive sports, student self-governance and a variety of extracurricular activities, we help each to develop his physical fitness and leadership skills, and his respect for others regardless of their origins, cultures, or beliefs. Third, by involvement in the care of our campus home, civic duty is learned, along with a sense of the dignity of honest labor. Finally, through religious instruction and regular participation in chapel activities, each of our students learns the sustaining value of faith and spiritual growth throughout his life.”

Both formal and informal religious instruction and participation in chapel activities are an integral part of Christ School’s four-fold philosophy. Each student learns the sustaining value of faith and spiritual growth throughout his life. Most obviously represented by chapel services and religious instruction, it permeates many aspects of student and faculty lives-in the classroom, in the residence halls, on the field, in the dining, and in the work place.

Christ School has a rolling admission program and students enter the school in the fall and at the beginning of second semester in January. Financial aid forms are available upon request.

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