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Posted May 27, 2003 

Right Direction Adolescent Services
Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623
Ellwood Crowell, Director of Operations
(208) 366-7935 - (888) 592-8400

Right Direction Adolescent Services is an employee owned, Non-violent Crisis Intervention Agency. It contracts with the legal guardians of at-risk adolescents in order to safely transfer their adolescent either from the home setting to a school or program, or from one facility to another facility. Right Direction agents initiate the transfer of the adolescent using respect and non-intimidation while basing their approach on the adolescent’s current and past family dynamics.

The Right Direction Adolescent Service directors have a combined experience of twenty-five years of working in crisis-intervention, both transporting adolescents and providing crisis hotline counseling. Their agents have successfully and safely transported over 900 adolescents and youth, with less than 3 % of these transports ever having resulted in physical confrontations. They take pride in this statistic, because they feel the infrequency of these physical incidences is due to their attitude and training and the considerable effort their agents put forth to communicate with the adolescents they are transporting. Their agents treat their adolescents with respect, which they believe “is a vital first step to effect a positive change.” They do not use any type of police style restraint system, only using non-invasive physical holds when necessary, which might cause discomfort but do not inflict injurious pain on the adolescents regardless of the situation. They carry a Certificate of Professional Liability Coverage written expressly for transporting at-risk Adolescents.

Their agents have worked with over 100 boarding schools, wilderness programs and hospitals throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Samoa and Jamaica, educating themselves ahead of time about the program where they will be escorting the adolescent, to prepare for the intervention. This ensures that they can openly and honestly share necessary information about where and how the adolescent will travel, as well as the positive effects that can be gained from the program where they are going. They believe it is better to deal with the consequences of an honest answer, rather than to deceive an adolescent, then having to face the lie at a later date. If sensitive information is better kept private, agents will not discuss the subject or decline to comment, rather than to overtly mislead the adolescent.

Their website allows parents to talk with other parents to help reassure them during this time of crises. Parents who have visited their web site have called it, “a nice and simple web page that is easy to navigate during a time of crisis;” a “very informative tool.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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