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Posted June 9, 2003 

Brookhaven Hospital
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brookhaven Hospital has offered help and hope to individuals with behavioral health issues, substance abuse problems, eating disorders and/or neurological problems since 1981. Brookhaven’s four “innovative” behavioral health programs, which offer inpatient, residential and transitional living and day treatment options, are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and licensed by the State of Oklahoma Department of Health.

The Renewal Christian Care program offers a Christ-centered approach for individuals who wish to regain their spiritual health, while seeking help with behavioral problems, substance abuse and eating disorders. The Renewal program is run by “caring, faith based mental health professionals who “offer sound, effective, and biblically based counseling and psychiatric treatment.”

The Rader Program at Brookhaven provides treatment for individuals with anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive over-eating. In addition to nutritional counseling and psycho-educational activities, the Rader Program also provides intensive individual, group and family therapy. A physician who specializes in Internal Medicine works in conjunction with the attending psychiatrist to assure that each patient’s health issues are addressed as part their comprehensive eating disorder treatment program.

The Brookhaven Behavioral Health and/or Substance Abuse Programs have the capacity to assist individuals with chronic mental health as well as dual diagnosis difficulties. Clients attend their treatment team meetings and work with professional staff to establish their individual treatment and discharge goals.

The Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute (NRI) provides neurobehavioral rehabilitation to individuals with severe neurobehavioral syndromes due to a traumatic brain injury or a neurological disease or condition. Supported, transitional and long-term living environments are provided by the NRI Program for those in need of a structured and ongoing level of support.

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