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Posted April 15, 2003 

The Summit Camp, Inc.
Forest Hills, New York

Summit Camp serves boys and girls ages 8 to 18 with diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder, Verbal or Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, Mild Social or Emotional problems, Asperger’s, Tourettes, O.C.D., or mild mood disorders. Although these children have average or higher cognitive skills, their academic performance often is highly erratic or below expected levels. Whether due to impulsivity, an inability to read social clues, language processing difficulties, hyperactivity, or a lack of awareness of the needs of others, the camper often responds inappropriately to the social attitudes and expectations of his or her peers.

With over 250 staff members for their 300 campers, they have a ratio of three adult staff members for every four children. Their Senior Staff are highly experienced, well trained, special education and mental health professionals who provide support for the counseling staff. Their sixteen highly trained full-time athletic instructors help campers overcome their impulsivity, distractibility, low frustration tolerance, immature social skills, fears, and/or insecurities, while helping them to enjoy and excel in sports activities.

Summit’s Adventure Program consists of challenge-based experiences based on principles developed by “outward bound” type programs, coordinating group dynamics with specific skills development. On site and regional areas provide mountain biking, wall climbing, canoeing, trail hiking, and ropes courses.

Campers and staff work collaboratively in music, dance, and drama performances each week. The children develop their artistic expression in project-oriented activities such as ceramics, woodshop, puppetry, computer, video, and arts and crafts. They also participate in educationally oriented Discovery Programs, which are a hands-on, experimental, process oriented, and fun approach to cognitive development.

Summit Camp has been serving natural foods cuisine since 1977, limiting refined sugar, additives, food coloring, and preservatives, based on the belief that a healthy diet introduces campers to a wide variety of foods that “improve and promote self-control and greater emotional stability.”

Their 10-day, post season, Mini Camp is available as an introduction to sleep-away camping in general, and to Summit in particular. They also offer a Summit Travel program, a logical extension of the camping program, for “Super Teens” (16+) who have outgrown the traditional camping experience, but still require opportunities for structured and supervised social experiences, and need to transition to recreational opportunities of a more adult and “mainstream” nature.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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