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Posted April 18, 2003 

Odyssey Northwest Wilderness Programs
Bellingham, Washington
Tim Brockman – Director

Odyssey Wilderness Programs is an adventure based wilderness program that is based in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Their traditional 2-week Northwest course combines a week of coastal hiking with a week of sailing in the waters of the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands. They can also meet specific adolescent needs with flexible custom courses, and their low instructor/student ratio (2:5) allows them to individualize the kind of attention they can give to their students. The hard skills they teach, such as backpacking and sailing are “used as catalysts for building soft skills such as communication, responsibility and self-esteem.”

The 14-day course offered through Odyssey Northwest is an “ultimate adventure,” consisting of three important and unique phases designed to “bring together the group as a community of individuals.” Phase I, the Responsibility Phase, consists of 6 days hiking along the Olympic Peninsula Coastline where the students learn self-care, backpacking skills, & natural history. Phase II is the Reflection Phase where the students spend 1-2 days independently on solo. Phase III is the Return Phase which begins as the students and instructors board a sailboat and, for the last 5 days of the Odyssey Adventure, explore the uninhabited islands and sail through the beautiful waters of the San Juan islands where the students will learn sailing skills, nautical charts, celestial navigation, and teamwork.

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