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Posted March 26, 2003 

Rimrock Trails
Adolescent Treatment Services
Prineville, Oregon
Tom McKee

Rimrock Trails, located in the “heart” of Oregon, offers residential treatment services to youth from throughout Oregon, providing “quality addiction treatment to Oregon’s youth.” Youth reside in the co-educational facility in Prineville for approximately 60 days, based on each youth’s individual needs and rate of progress.

Their mental health, psychiatric, medical and laboratory needs are met through the medical director and by established agreements with the county mental health provider. All youth receive individual and group therapy daily and complete ten hours a week of health and life skills classes in addition to attending school year round in an on-site education program. Often youth regain grade level while in treatment.

The daily routine at Rimrock is designed to teach self-sufficiency and group interaction skills. Utilizing an innovative scoring system designed to provide immediate interventions, focus is on problem behaviors and development of strong problem resolution skills. Youth are expected to participate in chores in order to learn functional life skills and all youth participate in sports and recreation on a daily basis, with major outings planned for Fridays and Saturdays. Week long camping trips are regularly scheduled during the summer. Family members can visit and participate in a family group each Sunday and are invited, on the last two weekends at the facility, to participate in an intensive family group process designed to help the youth re-enter the home environment with a realistic relapse prevention plan.

Although the primary focus at Rimrock is on the treatment of substance related disorders, their services also meet American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for dual diagnosis programs and are capable of treating youth who have relatively stable mental health issues related to an emotional, behavioral or cognitive disorder. Rimrock is a nonprofit organization licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services Mental Health and Addiction Services, and its residential program is licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services Office of Services to Children and Families.

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