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Posted February 19, 2003 

Visions Adolescent Treatment Program
Malibu, California
Scott Sowle – Executive Director

Visions Adolescent Treatment Program is a “holistic, therapeutic” residential program designed for males and females ages 13 to 17 who are dealing with the devastating effects of substance abuse and related psychological and behavioral problems. Residents must make a 45-day commitment upon admission with a three-month average length of stay. Visions is located in a safe, supportive home like environment on a 12 acre property, that is isolated enough to discourage common distractions, yet close enough to access the ocean and allow for ease of family visitation.

Visions Treatment team includes Board Certified Psychiatrists specializing in adolescent medicine, maters level therapists and certified counselors, as well as psychologists, on-site nurses, and an activity therapist. Most of the staff are recovering, thus allowing appropriate role modeling. Additionally, the number of residents accepted into the program is limited, to ensure a high level of attention and personalized care. Upon enrollment, the teacher evaluates the resident, in terms of the medical, psychiatric, academic, emotional and family aspects, to create a treatment plan to move a young person toward healthier living. While the primary focus in on achieving sobriety, other issues such as mental, behavioral problems, eating disorders, cross-addictions, low self-esteem, anger management, and family dysfunction are all addressed.

Daily life is based around an intensive structured program that is filled with daily activities that help the resident to make positive choices, recognize destructive patterns, take ownership of their actions, and become familiar with the 12-step recovery principals. Both individual and group sessions are part of every day, along with specialized groups such as anger management, relapse prevention, sexuality and goal setting. Along with treatment, education also plays a major role in the Visions program, with each student developing an Individual Education Plan and attending school three hours a day, five days a week. Meals are of high quality and are nutritionally sound, with an emphasis on natural, organic products that are chemical, sugar and preservative free.

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