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Posted February 17, 2003 

West Jordan, Utah
Gary Jones – Director of Admissions

Copper Hills Youth Center, set in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, is a division of Kids Behavioral Health, a specialty services company that provides quality treatment programs for “at-risk” children. KBH also owns/manages: Somerset Education in Riverside, CA; Spring Mountain, in Las Vegas NV; Pu’ukamalu CCS, in Hilo HI; and Kids Behavioral Health of MT, in Butte, MT.

Copper Hills admits children between 12 to 18 years of age, who have either been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, or experienced failure in outpatient therapy, and exhibit behaviors such as, but not limited to: lying, covert behavior, stealing, oppositional or defiant responses to peers and/or parents, explosiveness or uncontrolled rages of anger, evidence of substance abuse or dependency, inability to control aggressiveness, cruelty, impulsive behavior resulting in harm, runaway behavior, destruction of property , and/or evidence of ritualistic behaviors. Certain symptoms would exclude a child from gaining admission such as being: actively suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic; having an unstable medical condition, primary mental retardation, and/or severe organic brain disorders.

An “individualized treatment plan is developed by the inter-disciplinary team of professionals that includes physicians, nurses, teachers, licensed therapists and mental health associates. These professionals join with family and a positive peer culture to lead, guide and create an interactive and flexible environment.”

Services at Copper Hills include: a Diagnostic and Evaluation Process, Therapeutic Intervention, Full Accredited Private Schooling provided by instructors who work in tandem with the therapeutic community to provide a positive and successful learning environment, Specialty Services that include drug and alcohol education, certified recreational programs, Comprehensive Discharge Planning and Aftercare Support which extends the reach of the Center experience by connecting with a large network of community-based services and professionals.

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